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10 Movies That Will Get You in Back to School Mode

Written by: Zanita Studio

We’re broaching back to school season and that means time to sharpen up! Party’s over!

Whether you’re 16, 22, or 30 (and even if you’re not going back to school), these movies will remind of you the joy and anticipation of the school year. You won’t have the leisure to sit back and watch your days away once it starts so take advantage of what’s left of summer now and binge. In no particular order, here are our back to school favorites:

#1 10 Things I Hate About You

Young love, here’s how to get someone to quit being pissed at you.


#2 Mean Girls

Because we seriously need to stop girl-on-girl crime! #feminist


#3 Bring it On

Two things: 1. Stand your ground when you have any sense of who you are and 2. Be kind when it’s in your power.


#4 Clueless

The epitome of 90s fashion since it’s entirely relevant again, so take notes for your BTS uniform. Cami layered over tees and farmer clothes.


#5 The Breakfast Club

Demented and sad, but social – was that a foreshadowing of our current social generation?


#6 Napoleon Dynamite

Don’t forget to discipline your image.


#7 Freedom Writers

You are not confined by your circumstances. Change is always possible.


#8 She’s All That

Another great 90s fashion motion picture – bomber jackets and slip dresses, yes please! Plus, a little nostalgia of how bittersweet high school love was (or can be)..


#9 Grease

Let’s not be fake…


#10 Kindergarten Cop

Can we be this innocent again?

Now good luck & “don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die”!


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