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Make the Most of Summer With these Mindful Activities

Written by: Zanita Studio

If you’ve been watchful, you’d already notice that the days have become a smidge shorter as the sun sets earlier…

With less than 6 weeks of enduring daylight (although it’s pretty much ended for anyone with an academic calendar ahead of them), you want to make sure you’re taking on the best mindful activities to make the most of summer. We’re not talking about being a tourist in your city or relaxing more, but instead, taking meditative steps to become the best version of yourself come fall…

Start with these simple activities:

make the most of summer– Keep a journal

The first step in evolving into a person you’re happy with is self-awareness. A journal helps you discharge a haunting past and an anxious future; it puts you in the present – in full existence with your feelings. As you journal, you’re also making mindful memories and mapping out a blueprint for your dreams and ambitions. Turn this into a habit.

– Handwrite letters

We love an old-fashion handwritten note especially in an era where technology overpowers every element of our lives. Also, it’s quite remedial. If you didn’t know, your handwriting tells you much about your personality and the kind of person you are (graphology). We highly recommend reading this book for more insight into those around you.

– Take one (or a few) artsy sessions

An artsy session could be something as simple as wine & paint night, a dance or cooking class. Art-making functions strengthen your ability to focus and forces you to strategize (and re-strategize) to perfect whatever it is you’re making or doing. They’re also super affordable and a wonderful way to relieve stress.

– Record a personal documentary

With your phone at your fingertips all the time, making little videos is beyond basic. Record several clips throughout your day, and then put them together in iMovie (or some other video-making app). It’s hard to see your own life when you’re the one living it and looking outwards, but a small documentary lets you see it from an outside perspective. You’ll be surprised at how wonderful your life really is.

– Declutter your space

The worst thing you can do is transition into a new season cluttered with dust from the previous. Set half a day aside to ransack your wardrobe, vanity, and life for things you haven’t touched in years. Your mind will feel so much fresher and your life cleaner afterwards.


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