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Life Ahead: Going Left When Right Feels Wrong

Written by: Zanita Studio

The many life stages you’ll go through can be invigorating, suffocating, and sometimes, outright devastating…

but these peaks and valleys are imminent, and that means you need to fork up the courage to face them head on.

Trusting your gut can be a strenuous task when you have all these other voices and influences telling you otherwise, but most of the time, you already know. You’re just seeking validation… So here are a few steps to help you work towards your life ahead and go left when right doesn’t feel so right anymore.

Note that this isn’t an excuse to be reckless. You always have a choice, and you’re always responsible for how you act no matter how you feel.

life ahead

Step 1: Drown out the noise.

Why bother trying to please others when you’ll be criticized no matter what you do? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you’ll be talked about anytime your actions don’t align with that opinion. The point is, don’t listen, or listen, but with an open mind.

Give the hush hush to any expectations your family or friends have imposed on you as well as any you’ve instituted on yourself. There are no clearly defined paths or boundaries in life… Silence those voices.

Step 2: Deep dive.

People change. You’re exposed to clashing personalities, environments, and experiences every day. After so many years of subconsciously acquiring wisdom and breathing life in, who’s to blame for you evolving into a brand new person? There’s absolutely no need to be apologetic for the shift(s) in your convictions, interests, and direction. You, however, will need to get back in touch with yourself in order to move forward. Take some time to re-familiarize yourself with your motivations… What drives you? Bugs the shit out of you? And why?

Step 3: Get acting.

Don’t rush it. Stop wishing for things to happen (no one is going to charge in and rescue you). And don’t be afraid of the difficulties coming your way. You just need to get going even if it’s in a microscopic way.

Any transition you go through in life will feel ambiguous and scary, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. So embrace the journey and reach out to those you trust when needed. You’re not alone in this.

Step 4: Tackle the unknown.

Doubt will undoubtedly arise. There will be times you question yourself and wonder if everyone else was right… But life is full of surprises. One bad day (or week or month or even year) is just one page out of the book. In the grand scheme of things, it’ll teach you a lesson, open a new door, or force you on a totally new path. If you’re being honest with yourself, working hard, and acting with dignity, it’ll turn out alright. It always does…it’s all in your mind – your thoughts become your reality.

Step 5: Never forget the lessons.

There’s no such thing as a waste of time, a waste of effort, or a waste of life. Anything that doesn’t work guides you in a better direction and provides you with a better sense of who you are and what you want. Embrace the discomfort of unpleasant situations and appreciate the unexpected.


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