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Take Back Control & Kick Anxiety to the Curb

Written by: Zanita Studio


Anxiety is one of those things you can’t quite put your finger on until you feel the physical affects of it…

If you’ve ever found yourself restless, going through episodes of having an accelerated heart rate, sweating, or shortness of breath where no physical activity has been present, chances are, you’re experiencing anxiety. There are a breadth of reasons one might feel anxious or constantly stressed out, and those reasons could be different for everyone. The severity of those underlying reasons will also impact how quickly you can rebound from it and whether or not intervention is needed, but no matter what, it’s important to start with natural measures that can help you cope.

Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling…

cope with anxietySelf-reflection

Genuine acknowledgement can help you get through anything successfully. You’ll need to backtrack a little, but determine whether or not there has been a pattern in your way of thinking and how long it’s been going on. Is it the pressures of having to attain a certain lifestyle by a certain age…maybe you’re not at a point you expected to be at this time? Are you financially troubled? Going through a major lifestyle change (e.g. a divorce)? The point is, if you can figure this part out, finding solutions will be a downhill process.

Keep a journal

Some of us aren’t amazing at being in touch with our feelings and we might be horrible at communicating them. It can also be hard to express yourself when you feel like you’re constantly being judged. That’s exactly why journaling is highly suggested even if you’re not experiencing anxiety. Write out your feelings without any kind of formality (no one is going to read it) and with any diction you wish, and then go back and analyze it. You might notice triggers as you go back through your reflection, which will help you the next time around.

Talk about it

A strong support network is a basic need in life… Find someone you trust and talk to them about it – and it doesn’t have to be a friend; it could be a therapist or a mentor. They could be experiencing the same exact thing you are and can give you suggestions for coping. This could also be helpful if you can’t pinpoint exactly what the root cause is…someone can guide you in the right direction.

Take on calming activities (like yoga, meditating, or getting out)

Anything that’s calming, requires controlled breathing, and takes your mind off the current situation makes a huge difference. As silly as it sounds, these activities help you find a sense of peace and focus on the present. Anything holistic is worth a shot even if you’re apprehensive.


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