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How to Get Inspired to Create Content Again

Written by: Zanita Studio

You’re probably tired of hearing this, but part of blogging success comes from consistency!

The irony in that is it’s hard to stay consistent when the endless hours of work you’re dishing out aren’t generating results. Throw in several weeks (and even months) of creating unnoticed content and you’ll just want to toss up the white flag. It also gets hard to constantly talk about about how you’re putting your outfits together, what you ate this week, or how you perfected the art of strobing…

All those things combined often lead to burn out, exhaustion, or just extended periods of feeling uninspired.

It’s not our favorite place to be in, so we’re sharing things you can do to get inspired to create content again!

get inspired to create content again

– Tap into new outlets.

There are so many platforms to be excited about and we highly doubt you’re utilizing them all. Typically, as a content creator, your focus is your blog, maybe an email list, Instagram, and another social outlet like Facebook. If you’re doing the same thing all the time, it can start to become banal and uninteresting. Remember the first time you started blogging – the enthusiasm and anxious feelings to create? Sometimes, the best way to reignite those emotions is to start something new. This might be the right time to start a YouTube channel, get on Snapchat, write an e-course, build a podcast series, or revamp your entire blog. Newness always births excitement.

– Revisit your goals and write them out.

If you’re drowning in a rut, perhaps you’ve lost sight of your goals. Remind yourself of why you started – reimagine what you originally planned and hope for, and then document it. Hell, create a bucket list of everything you’ve ever wanted to do with your brainchild and harvest the energy to do it. While you’re in this rediscovery mode, you might as well jot down all the content ideas that pop up along the way; that way, when you find yourself uninspired in the future, you’ll have something to revert to.

– Engage in dialogue with those you admire.

It’s easier staying the course when you know you’re not alone. Talking to people (directly or indirectly – even reading an interview or biography), puts into perspective the struggles of others. The wisdom someone can shed on you is priceless and can be the dose of Rx you need to keep pedaling.

– Peruse beautiful images.

Visualization is so powerful. Most people are impacted by what they see so looking at images of people whose path(s) you admire, destinations, and even processes can lift your energy levels. This is something that can hardly be explicated because it’s purely based on emotions. Our only suggestion here is to try it.

– Reflect on how far you’ve come.

You might not be making millions, but you’ve certainly come a long way in the past 15-25 years… At worst, you’re still living and surviving life. That alone says enough. We’ve built a generation of focusing on what’s left to do and everything we haven’t done, but shift that mindset just a notch and watch the magic in it. Think, “I’ve accomplished much… I have X as proof and I’m going to keep moving forward.” The power of change lies in those little thoughts.


Image Source Credits – Style Du Monde, Death by Elocution


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