Everything I Wish I Knew Prior to Attending College

Written by: Susan Hang


As I look back at my college years, the one thing that sticks out pervasively is that I didn’t enjoy it enough.

I believe now that those years are overrated, tantamount to the little piece of paper you acquire at graduation, but I also know now that those years, so ever transient, are some of the best ones you’ll ever get (and never get back). So, take it all in slowly while you’re there – although life afterwards isn’t too bad either, especially if you lived up those years.

I, unfortunately, wasn’t as imprudent I should have been; so in honor of back to school, and to help you refrain from the same scrupulous mistakes, I’m sharing all the little things I wish I knew prior to attending college.

everything i wish i knew prior to attending college

– You won’t have it figured out as a freshman and probably still won’t by the time you’re done.

Hell, it’s very likely you still won’t know 5-10 years after graduating. College isn’t a place you go to discover yourself or dig up your life-long passion – that’s an expensive place to do it – so it’s senseless to waste those years stressing out about it. I was always the contender for success – “this is my major, I’m doing X internships, working X hours a week, maintaining X GPA, and graduating early” – a go go go mentality that was extremely encumbering and unrealistic and unhealthy for my age because I had no clue what I wanted to do at 20 (only to have that epiphany hit after those years were over). Now if you’re lucky enough to figure that piece of your life out while blooming, that’s wonderful, but I still stand by the fact that the heavy stress as a youngin’ probably isn’t worth the headache.

– Life is easier sans the all-nighters.

A master cunctator (complete oxymoron to what I just said above), I was also the student who’d read 8 chapters from my textbooks in one night every single semester, never go to class, or if I did, I’d fall asleep (in Row 1). It makes no sense…how could I be so driven and lazy at the same time? IDK, but the pile of Red Bulls wasn’t worth it… Those years will be much easier and less stressful if you take the road less traveled: read day by day and not all at once.

– Splurging on “it” items and brands are useless; take that money and travel instead.what i wish i knew prior to attending college

I’m not exactly sure what college students these days are splurging on – maybe the Louis Vuitton Speedies – but in my days, it was Coach and shit… Okay, at that age, especially if you’re already lacking heaps of green, you most likely don’t have a strong understanding of what timeless is; therefore, it’s useless splurging on timeless things (or lack thereof) like trendy designer handbags. I did a major clean out over the weekend and everything I ever splurged on in college went out the window. I wish I had taken those funds and crossed the border with it.

(Note: This also applies to the brainless shopping sprees on cheap clothes.)

– Cherish those “all the time in the world” moments.

Life after college isn’t entirely bad, but you can pretty much forget about the gym at 1 am… Waffles at 2 am… Hangovers into the following evening… And endless hours in a beauty massacre with major gossip in between. Guys and gals, enjoy them while you can!


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Image Source Credits – Regina Dubin, Traveling Mama


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