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Design Your Own Sneakers – The Results

Written by: Zanita Whittington

“Hell F*@kin’ Yeah!”

                               – me,  after being asked if I’d like to design my own sneakers from Nike Id.

nike-id-custom-sneakers-nyc-marimekko-satchel-woosterWell, it was a no brainer. I’m a sucker for all things custom, and sneakers are the holy grail of custom shiz. Here’s the result – and that’s right, I had the names ‘Bowie’ and ‘Prince’ printed on each heel, a homage to two dearly departed kings of ear candy. Feels right.

I’ve a new found appreciation for sneakers since arriving to NYC. While public transportation usually works pretty well here, in the summer, it’s stinking hot in the subway, and so often the traffic is that bad. Your best mode of transport is by your own feet. It’s made me moan and groan just looking at my shoe-filled closet. I’ve realised I own so many fabulous pairs that weren’t built to hustle 3 km (equivalent to 1.86 miles) in the heat. Blister city.

I’m really into the retro vibes of my new pair. With Nike Id, there’s a staggering number of detailed combinations. In fact, this pair alone could have ended up in thousands of different ways – I love the idea that I’m the only person in the world with this style (probably)! You can even add studs and spikes! I’m into wearing them with Mom jeans – and maybe a plain white tee, or perhaps just a t-shirt dress and a cap.

Below is my journey through creating the sneaker – truth is, this video was supposed to have sound but somehow failed. Perhaps it was for the best because the original was 15 minutes long. I was joking all the way through, but I couldn’t, in honesty, vouch for 15 minutes of lame humor from yours truly.

I cut it down to 37 seconds, so you’ve definitely got the time to watch it now. 😉




Nike ID sneakersdesign your own sneakers

Thanks so much to Nike for working with me on this – absolutely loved the experience of creating and own my very own sneaker style. Feels so exclusive!


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