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6 Commandments of Becoming a Highly Influential Person

Written by: Zanita Studio


If you wanna be a #bossbabe, learning should approximate high on your to-do list…

One of the obvious but best ways to continue your ed. is through books, and we can’t recommend enough How to Win Friends & Influence People. Despite the huge time change that’s transpired from the time the book was published up until this point, it’s still a profoundly relevant topic that’s totally necessary when you’re a blogger.

If you have any intention of becoming a highly influential person,

whether that be a digital influencer, freelancer, or entrepreneur, this book is a must read. We’re giving you a sneak peek inside this genius by harping on our favorite lessons corralled through its pages.

becoming a highly influential person

#1 Give honest & genuine appreciation.

Feeling important is an innate craving in everyone. Whether or not you want to admit it, you join the digital space to be heard, recognized, and be part of the conversation – to feel important. Service 101: treat your readers as though they are superior to you. When someone makes a comment or sends a laudatory e-mail, express hearty, sincere gratitude. IntoTheGloss does an excellent job by sharing their readers’ top shelves when they use the ITG hashtag, which leads us into Lesson #2…

#2 Arouse desire.

Everyone is interested in themselves and therefore, pays attention only to things that pique their interest. Sounds like an obvious concept, right? Yet, more often than not, we’re doing things we want and not what someone else wants. In a blogger’s perspective, this might explain why your blog isn’t gaining the attention you yearn… You post beautiful pictures of yourself cloaked in meticulously styled outfits with a few words explaining the reasoning behind your costume, but how antiquated is this formula? Although blogging is about sharing “your personal interests”, do it in a considered way that arouses an eager desire in others… What’s going to make them excited about coming back? Offer that instead.

#3 Be genuinely interested in others.

There’s no point in forcing others to be interested in you… That might actually deter people. So the next time you post something on social media or on your blog, you should think about whether or not it seems like you’re interested in your audience… There’s energy in your voice through your words – that’s why writing, no matter what anyone thinks, remains an important part of the digital space. If you analyze the behaviors of your favorite YouTubers, influencers, and even managers, don’t be surprised that part of their success is possessing this quality.

#4 Sincerely make others feel significant.

Encourage others to share ideas or make suggestions and take it seriously. If your readers are constantly making the same criticism or request, and you’re not minding them any business, they’ll eventually stop returning the visit. If you’re new to blogging, think about how many more hits you can get by leaving bona fide comments on others’ blogs without asking them to follow you. This concept also applies in corporate settings – ever notice how drastically morale drops when management doesn’t care about the input of its employees.

#5 Dramatize your ideas.

Why do brands spend so much money on marketing campaigns and visuals? Because it’s necessary to gain attention. Fashion week stages can get outrageous, guys get on their knees when they propose, car ads magnify performance by being on race tracks, and Beauty YouTubers show sensational before and afters… How will you make your idea larger than life and get people to pay attention?

#6 Make people want to do what you want them to.

People are more likely to do what you want them to when they’re happy about it. Part of making it as an influencer is getting others to follow you, so make this (unspoken) request in a way that your audience believes they’ll benefit.


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