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Questions You Should Be Prepared to Slay at Any Job Interview

Written by: Zanita Studio

True, you can never guess exactly what you’ll be asked at an interview…

but there’s no such thing as being extra prepared. And if you ask us, we’ll tell you to go armed with a wealth of experience and considered responses in your back pocket. In addition to the questions we’ve talked about here in the past, being able to give thoughtful answers to the 8 questions below is sure to get you in slaying mode… Because no matter what you’re asked, you’ll always be able to fall back into your experiences if you can answer these questions at your next job interview. Get ready.

1. Why should we hire you? (Or what can you bring to the organization? Or what sets you apart from other candidates? Or what are your top strengths?)

This questions plays on your typical “Tell me about yourself”. Pick 2-3 hard examples, focusing on one important theme and hand it over to your interviewer. Your theme can focus on your ability to save the company money, generate higher sales, communication skills (bringing people together to drive results), or your ability to learn quickly. Whatever quality you think is essential to the job, talk about that.

perfume-laptop-flatlay2. Tell me about a time you failed.

Every employer knows that no one is perfect. Be ready to discuss 2-3 situations that did not have a pleasant outcome… The important thing is, they want to see that you learned from it.

3. Tell me about a time you disagreed with your boss. (Or tell me a time you handled a difficult situation.)

The thought process here is what the employer wants to see, and it shows that you’re a team player. Are you easily flustered in disagreements or do you handle confrontation well? Make sure to have solid examples and be able to give details of the outcome.

4. What motivates you? 

You want to answer with what it is that motivates you, follow up with why it motivates you, and give an example. You can say something like you’re motivated by results because it’s hard proof of your abilities; your example could be “like the time I grew my company’s Facebook following by X” or “I wrote a blog post that had over 5000 clicks”.

5. What are your goals in the next few years?

Unless specifically asked, refrain from 10 year goals and instead emphasize 1-2 year plans or what you hope to achieve in the job (assuming you get it)… Longevity is key.

6. How do you cope with stress? (How do you handle pressure?)

If you’re in a high stress, high pressure environment (like fashion), decompressing is going to be a big deal. Make sure you have effective, but immediate ways that work and be able to back it up.

7. What would your old boss say about you?

Be honest…reflect on the things old leaders have said about you either directly or indirectly and bring that to the table. Although we don’t always agree that past performance is an indication of future results, employers still strongly stand by it.

8. Do you have any questions for me?

Your answer should always be yes and then you can nail them with these.


Image Source Credits – Karen Rosalie

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