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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog

Written by: Zanita Studio

To anyone who’s ever said the future of blogging is dead: Think again.

We’re edging quickly into the end of 2016 and it’s soon to be 2017, yet people are still starting blogs! People are still reading blogs! And brands are still utilizing blogs!

That’s not to say blogging is cake, and if you intend on starting one with flocking readers and making millions, you’re in for a disappointing surprise. With an OG fashion blogger running the show over here, to say we know a thing or two about blogging would be an understatement… And we definitely have a few criteria high on the list you should consider before starting a blog.

things to consider before starting a blog#1 The time commitment is real.

Blogging is a time consuming “hobby” you need to be sure you can commit to. There are two parts to this whole time thing: 1. Committing to a consistent stream of posts, and 2. Committing to the time it takes to get noticed. When you have a full-time job, coming home to spend 2-3 hours writing a blog post and generating visuals isn’t the easiest undertaking. You’ll feel all gung ho in the beginning, but that passion can quickly fade into crickets when you’re not getting the results you expect. You have to think, “Am I really going to invest all my time into this thing?”

#2 Social is mandatory.

If you think social media is full of fake egotistical individuals flaunting their money and possessions (and some of them are…), blogging might not be right for you. It’s almost impossible to sustain a blog – especially related to fashion and beauty – without the social aspect. And if you’re a hardcore introvert with no desire to be a part of any networking event, good luck. Part of becoming a successful blogger is forging strong partnerships and getting on the forefront of websites (or others) with a large following – that requires social. Are you ready to be inundated with people and events you might not really be interested in?

#3 It’s all about branding.

Anyone who is an avid blog reader cares more about the individual behind the screen than what they’re actually reading or looking at. That’s kinda why Point #2 is necessary… Sure, website aesthetics are nice and all, but it always comes down to the individual blogger. Put a lot of thought into how you want to be perceived and the kind of voice you want to build, and then harness that to the best of your ability. It’s what will set you apart.

#4 Blogging is an investment.

It’s not cheap. The bar is high these days – camera equipment (maybe even hiring a photographer), editing programs like Photoshop, self-hosted websites, paying for services like Mailchimp, traveling to get the best location for your little outfit, or purchasing beauty products to review and shoot – it all adds up. Can you spare the discretional income to upkeep the competition? It sounds highly superficial, but expect to make some kind of a monetary investment no matter how big or small.

#5 You may never make it.

But you also NEVER KNOW, unless you try! That’s kind of a harsh way to put it, but if blogging was easy, everyone would be doing it for a living. There’s no harm in blogging truly as a past-time, and if you understand that it means you may never become a high-profile blogger, then hey, no problem! We love blogs and bloggers of all calibers and would encourage you to keep blogging!

If you understand the commitment to these things and have truly considered them, then you very well maybe on your way to blogging success. Get started here!


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