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3 Good Reasons to Take a Road Trip NOW

Written by: Monica Bestek


Last week, I packed up my place, hopped in the car, and drove 1400 km up the East Coast of Australia.

It sounds miserable, but instead of dreading a long boring drive, I turned it into a three-day road trip, making several stops along the way… Byron Bay was the highlight! We immediately headed to a local farmer’s market, climbed up the Cape Byron Lighthouse, and had a sunset picnic on the Wategos beach. It made the drive extend beyond an awesome little escape.

Road trips are great way to get out and do something fun without spending a ton of money (unlike flights and foreign destinations), even if you’re not heading anywhere in particular. You can find hidden beautiful places, create memories out of nothing, and strengthen relationships (or build completely brand new ones) along the way. Long car rides make a delightful starting point for conversations you may not have had; it also removes you from the distractions hereditary to the metropolis, forcing you into deep thought and appreciating everything around you. The spontaneity makes it all the better – you can stop at any point to grab coffee from the quaintest cafes or drop in mom & pop shops you’d never expect to find.

Besides all the feel-good stuff, here are other reasons you need to go on a road trip right now:
road trip - 35mm film - monica bestek

Get to know your own (or someone else’s) country better.

Who doesn’t dream about jumping on a jet and exploring this massive unknown world? Unfortunately, too many of us forget that we already live in amazing places… There are unfound trinkets waiting for you right now in your own backyard! So, if you don’t have a lot of time or you’re looking for an affordable getaway, that’s an opportunity to get to know your own (or someone else’s) country better! The glory of road tripping versus flights is all random stops you’ll make.

Create unforgettable memories.

You’ll make vivid, enduring memories because new experiences to food, places, or things always leave an imprint in your soul. Navigating can also be a fun endeavor in itself… The wrong turn can transform into robust laughter and a mysterious night out can put you into mischief… All those nuances will slap a big fat smile on that beautiful face. I’d highly recommend you get a disposable camera and document your entire trip; it’s a fun-filled surprise when you finally develop them!

Create lasting friendships or improve relationships.

road trip - 35mm film - monica bestek
Car rides stimulate deep, meaningful conversations that allow you to better understand another human! If you’re one for talking or spending time with people, a road trip is the BEST way to connect! Whether you’re enjoying each other’s company in silence, rapping or dancing along to funky tunes, or chattering away about a sad (or happy) life, it’s the perfect time to bond!

Quick Tips

Quality playlists are a must
Road trip snacks (Carrots are awesome)
Disposable camera


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