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Wedding Season is Here and You Can Look Amazing Without Upstaging the Bride

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro


Weddings are such happy occasions. But can quickly become a f*cking mission impossible for those of us attending.

I’ve only been to three weddings since becoming a responsible adult. And it was hard as f*ck to pick an appropriate attire. I always thrived to be different, but in a chic yet unpredictable way. So for my first wedding, I wore matching printed top and shorts with a pair of elegant heels. For the second, a leopard dress and the third, a beautiful lace Club Monaco baby pink dress.

All three of them took some time deliberating and figuring out the best accessories and hair-do. And because I was so lost, I decided it was an amazing idea to help you out with your attire and because, you know, wedding season is at a highYou don’t have to be guest-zilla.

Beach weddings are a favorite of the season…

and they are the easiest to dress for. You can be a bit more casual, but that doesn’t mean don’t dress to impress. Bright colors are a must, and flats essential.

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The outdoor or garden wedding is where you can get creative.

Flowers are certainly the theme and you’ll want to blend in with bold patterns. Add in a good mix of accessories and top it off with a glass of rosé.

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Lastly, the evening wedding.

This kind is the most glamorous of them all and you’ll want to sizzle at sunset going into the wee hours of the night. Opt for darker colors, which are more elegant by nature and choose sharper and higher heels – until you hit the dance floor. Dramatic makeup with a top knot won’t fail you either.

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What are your wedding essentials?

Attending much this season? Tell us in the comments because we’d love to know. Have a great weekend!

X Eduarda

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