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Want to be Happier? Start Doing these 10 Things

Written by: Zanita Studio

It’s often easy to look to outside factors in the pursuit of happiness.

But it’s rather transparent and it starts with you… So you want to be happier? Start doing these 10 things…

#1 Recognize the lessons in your mistakes.

Where you are now isn’t your final destination; that means mistakes will happen along the way, but you’re not supposed to sulk in them. Recognize the lessons, learn from them, and don’t make them again. Always remember, mistakes give you the opportunity to start again more intelligently.

#2 Enjoy the things you have.

Happiness has the tendency to look like a process of addition… Pile on the shoes, the makeup, the opportunities, and the money. But stop for a few minutes everyday to revel in the things you already have. We’d bet that everything on your plate is more than sufficient to make you happy.

#3 Help others and celebrate their successes.

Your journey isn’t a competition so take genuine interest in the people around you, cheer for them on the sidelines, and celebrate their victories. You’ll feel so much better when you’re a supporter rather than a hater. And what goes around comes around… When it’s your turn, they’ll be rooting for you.

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#4 Express yourself.

Don’t be afraid to feel the way you feel and be vocal about it. It might hurt someone’s feelings and there’s always going to be someone to disagree, but it’s most important to let them know how you truly feel. When you’re being true to yourself and your feelings, there’s an inexplicable load fleeing your soul.

#5 Stop complicating everything.

Life’s actually really simple – you just live it, but it’s the desires, the insecurities, and the comparisons that complicate it. So simplify – stop holding the weight of the world on your shoulders and taking responsibility for everyone else – just live…

#6 Hold yourself accountable.

You are always responsible for how you act regardless of how you feel. That means you need to stop making excuses and blaming others. The next time something doesn’t render as planned, take a microscopic look at your actions and your attitude. The anger and unhappiness is more often than not, an internal problem.

#7 Go outside.

It’s fascinating what a little time outdoors can do for your mood. Think about how much happier and liberating you feel in a bright, warmer setting versus a gloomy, cold environment… Why do people vacation in the tropics and beaches versus the cold? Being outside is cathartic.

#8 Do what you say.

Less talking, more doing. Being a person of your words is a confidence booster. Others will recognize your actions and begin to trust you and it’s amazing what can happen when people start believing in you. Plus, you’re paving the way for bigger and better things.

#9 Invest in yourself.

In a world of go go go, it’s easy to get lost in focusing on everything outside of you that you start to forget who you are. Take time to really invest in yourself – learn a new skill, pick up a new hobby, spend time with the people who matter most, and put money where you may not see an immediate return.

#10 Forgive and forget.

There’s the saying, “Forgive, but never forget”…we beg to differ – there’s no way you’re truly letting go or forgiving if you’re not forgetting. So do yourself a favor…unleash yourself from the burden of the wrongs done to you and move forward without constantly looking back. You can’t move forward if you’re always looking in the rear-view mirror.


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