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The Curious Case of The Missing Client

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Yes, the model is holding a phone. No, this isn’t an editorial about Pokemon Go.

the curious case of the missing client with anjaThough I kinda wish it was, SEO speaking… I’m not opposed to the Poke-masses hitting the streets. I just find it a fascinating phenomenon and frankly, one that in it’s own way, is bringing people together. A common interest that requires you to get outside and start walking can’t be all bad? Augmented Reality is part of the future so no sense fighting it.

So anyway, back to this editorial – why is our girl Anja holding a phone? Well it’s a funny story. I’ve been sitting on this shoot for over a year. I was in Paris for Fashion Week and a Creative Director reached out to me on Facebook and asked if I could come and do a shoot for her client with a digital product – thus the phone. The shoot was going to be filmed for some TV show pilot they were doing together and was happening the following day so everything was quite last minute. We agreed on a rate and I just naively assumed all would be cool, since we knew quite a number of common people.

I dashed to the location (gorgeous isn’t it?) between appointments, got set up, and snapped away immediately. The model was an incredible Aussie – Anja Konstantinova – who I’ve always wanted to shoot. The light was amazing, the shoot was a breeze, and once it was done, we exchanged cheek kisses and I dashed away. I followed up post shoot, sent through selects – crickets. Nada with the missing client.

So I left Paris, headed on some manic travel schedule, which was basically my entire 2015 and I’ve been sitting on these pics the whole time! Yeah, it would have been nice to be paid what I was promised, but in a way, it’s my own fault for not demanding a contract or using an agent. I haven’t given them any images… I just wonder now if there’s footage of me out there on some reality TV show, sold to China…?! Bigger things to worry about in the world.

the mascara edit diorshow lash primerdior diorshow volumizing mascara

I absolutely loved shooting Anja, she’s the kind of girl you can give some references to, a little bit of verbal guidance, and she takes that and drives the shoot to a whole ‘nother level.

Some models are fearless… They have an ability to move and express themselves in ways that prove they aren’t afraid to look ugly in photo and that right there is a powerful thing. I’ve only worked with a few girls with that talent in my agenda as a photographer… And even when girls become supermodels, they can still be super protective of the way they want to be perceived. It’s why my favourite models are women like Guinvere Van Seenus, Karen Elson, Elise Crombez, Malgosia Bela, Anna Cleveland, and Saskia De Brauw. Posing can be a performance and that’s when modelling can really be art!

Anya-castle-romance-was-born-konstantinova-paris-beauty-phoneI hope you like this editorial – so glad I could finally share it with you all.  I really miss shooting these days – but I know it will always be there for me. Shooting for a client will never be as interesting as creating an editorial or just working with someone to capture their emotions. If I’m successful in my future, I will own a studio and make all my creative dreams come true. Better save my pennies! Til then, I’ll take them as they come.


Photography, Zanita Whittington

Dress, Romance Was Born

Model, Anja Konstantinova

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