Why You Should Stop Calling Yourself a Blogger

Written by: Brittany Grace


Calling yourself a blogger is limiting to a degree.

The term is used so loosely now that just about anyone can proclaim themselves a “blogger”. This makes the rest of us look bad because we hustle our butts off trying to build a business when Fancy Nancy comes along, posts a couple pictures of her Louis Vuittons, and boom, she’s a “blogger”.

The blogging industry is growing so fast and has become so crowded that it’s not enough to just have a blog, or Instagram account for that matter, and call it a day. Every decision has to be strategic and calculated to benefit the greater good of your brand in the long run. That is, if you truly want to make a living blogging.

As a true blogger, you are a solopreneur forced to wear many hats, and if you don’t acknowledge that, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. Being a blogger is a full-time job and is one of the most underrated careers (yes, it’s a career) since it’s still new and not many people know what it entails.

stop calling yourself a bloggerYou’re not a blogger, you’re an influencer.

The new buzzword seems to be “influencer” and I have to agree that it sounds more legit. Because influencer is so new, there are no superficial, silly associations with it like there are when you deem yourself a blogger. When people hear blogger they think of someone who prances around playing dress up and we all know that’s not the case.

As an influencer, you are the content curator, photographer, editor, marketer, social media manager, sales rep, accountant, negotiator, and brand ambassador… You get the idea – it’s a lot!

Influencer is a much more enticing title because of its empowering nature. Think about it… You are an influencer because you influence people’s decisions. How cool is that?! Whether it’s what they buy, where they eat, or how they live, you have a say in it.

Even if you’re on the lower end of the blogging scale, friends usually listen to other friend’s recommendations, so just by having one friend recommend you as a source of inspiration, it makes a huge impact.

The long-term picture is that you’re building a business.

Try another way to say what your blog is about instead of “a creative outlet” or “source of inspiration”. What else are you trying to do? Who are you trying to impress? What type of audience do you want and why?

The more authentic and transparent you are, the more people are likely to follow you. Not all, but most bloggers put themselves first and influencers trying to build a business put their customers first. Which one are you doing?

Posting pictures on Instagram without a strategy or purpose doesn’t count. This does not count as having a “side hustle”… Blogging is only a hobby until you are generating some sort of income from it so you eventually won’t work a 9-5. Blogging is a business. And a business requires cash flow. Start using social media, like Instagram, as a platform to grow your business, not as your place of business.

Once you go from having a “creative outlet” to building an empire, you’ll start to see results, but it won’t happen if keep calling yourself a blogger… you’re so much more, darling.


What are your thoughts on calling yourself a blogger? Tell us in the comments below!

xx Britt

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