Snapchat – A Blogger’s Secret Money Maker

Written by: Brittany Grace

There’s always a method behind my madness here on Zanita Studio.

If you see me start to write about something more than once, or in this case, FOUR times, there’s a reason and you should be paying attention. Snapchat is the platform to pay attention to right now. It was just released that Snapchat now has 150 million users – 10 million more than Twitter. That is a crap load of people and a crap load of opportunity for bloggers who snap.

I am so pumped for the innovation Snapchat offers bloggers, creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs. Some people still don’t get it and they might not be able to see the value in it since it’s not entirely obvious. So that’s why I decided to explain in more detail how Snapchat is a blogger’s secret money maker.

Snapchat filters = money makers

Snapchat filters can serve so many purposes. First of all, if you’re a blogger and graphic designer, you can create custom Snapchat filters as a side hustle. You charge a competitive price and you’re gold, especially once people start realizing what a great branding tactic it is.

The Skinny Confidential had her own custom filter created for the launch of her podcast and Drake did the same thing when he released his album Views. (Not like Beyonce needs any more promotion, but how fun would it have been if she made a “Becky with the good hair” filter?!)

a blogger's secret money makerCustom filters embed the brand’s logo into the Snapchat viewers’ minds. This is a great idea, especially for new brands or big announcements.

Bloggers can also charge to use custom filters in exchange for brand promotion. For instance, let’s say Nordstrom starts creating custom Snapchat filters for their events and stores. Now you can start charging to attend their event and use their custom filter when you go to their stores. (For a brand like Nordstrom, you’d have to have a following of 100,000 or so).

In fact, Zanita and a bunch of other bloggers just did this the other night at the Ralph Lauren event.

If you’re a smaller blogger, you can still benefit. Try reaching out to smaller brands for a cross promotional collaboration using a custom Snapchat filter. There are so many ways to take advantage and make money through Snapchat filters – it’s insane in the best way possible!

Snapchat ad space = branding opportunity

This tactic is similar to Snapchat filters except you’d be the one paying, whether it’s to have your filter featured (like Tacobell did), or have a small ad space at the top and/or middle of your Snapchat stories for your brand, like Buzzfeed, People, and Mashable do.

I heard a rumor that Snapchat will start putting ads between stories in which case I think buying ads will be more affordable for. Right now I can’t imagine what it costs!

Think about all the ways you could promote your brand that would drive Snappers to your website to buy your product or service.

More brand awareness = more money, period.

With Snapchat ad space you’ll be able to reach audiences you would have never accessed before, similar to Facebook and Instagram. It’s a HUGE branding opportunity and a potential money maker.

Snapchat takeovers = free brand awareness

If you’re blogging on a budget, Snapchat takeovers are for you. Find a group of bloggers or brands that have a similar following – same target market and same amount of followers on Instagram, and ask to do a Snapchat takeover. You will no doubt gain Snapchat followers, build brand awareness, and have fun… not to mention, it’s totally free!

Big bloggers do this often except they’re paid by brands to do the takeover… yet another money maker. You can get to this level too if you hustle with smaller bloggers and brands in your niche and partake in several free takeovers first.

P.s. If you’re interested in doing a Snapchat takeover with me – Snap me!

List your top 3 social media platforms right now in the comments below. Mine are Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook.


xx Britt

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