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How You Can Rebound From Anything Like a Champ

Written by: Zanita Studio


What are you to do when your best isn’t enough?

Take those lessons and turn them into actionable, undefeated results. DUH.

If you want to go anywhere in life, except fixated where you currently are, you can’t get stuck on failed relationships, mistakes, or missed opportunities and more importantly, you shouldn’t let them define you. Yes, the feeling of sucking (or failing) makes you feel inadequate, hewns away the drive, and mentally thrusts the end goal an extra 10 miles away, but you gotta pull yourself together and bounce back no matter how hard the fall.

Easier said than done, but here’s how you can rebound from anything in life:

rebound from anything in life

– Let it out.

Admit it and accept the anger, the despair, the helplessness, and the bitterness. Take it all in and then let it out – let the raging tears flow as necessary. But not for long. You don’t get stuck there, just acknowledge the defeat, accept responsibility for the loss, and get back into the game. This is important because the aftermath of failure is sooo emotionally draining and devastating that it’s going to be your first step to emotional freedom.

– Focus on the process.

What do you do when you need to go to work, but your normal route has been blocked because of construction or a car accident? You find another way… You immediately stop focusing on getting to work, but rather how you’re going to get there. Same situation. It’s not the about reaching the ultimate goal, it’s about the journey, plus the journey’s always funner and there’s always a good story to tell from it.

– Reframe the delusion.

Failure isn’t a one-way street and never forget that you can always reframe anything to support what you believe. Ratify an optimistic mindset and choose resiliency and persistence. You gotta make the call to move on… You always have a choice.

– Set another goal/deadline.

Put a cap on the time you let something negative deplete you. Remember, you don’t move forward by fighting the old, but by focusing on the new. This would also be the time to put a deadline on a new goal or vision. Restoring your energy into this “new thing” subtracts wasted energy from the loss. It also gives you something more exciting to look forward to.


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