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3 Key Skills You Must Have to be Indispensable at Work

Written by: Zanita Studio


In a generation that’s becoming more and more disposable, now’s the time to make yourself too valuable to lose.

What exactly does that mean? It means building a reputation for yourself that consistently shows you hugely impact your work environment (your team, your company, and the business – $$). You essentially become the go-to person for specialized areas… You become so efficient (and effective) and you’re so good at what you do that no one can replace you. Being irreplaceable not only benefits your company, it gives you great satisfaction and pride knowing you always perform well. This also propels you onto the bigger and better things to come.

Here are 3 key skills you must have to be indispensable in your workplace:

be indispensable at work

#1 Dedication to high standards consistently.

Put your best effort in everything you touch and always push the boundaries of that benchmark. Are you proud of what you’ve created? Do you think your boss will LOVE it or just like it? Always reach for the highest standard you possibly can and let that be your bar. Don’t do what’s easy and what’s fast – do what’s best under all circumstances.

#2 Be multi-faceted.

Having multiple (strong) skill sets mean you can wear many hats. And what employer doesn’t want someone who can handle multiple functions and essentially replace a colleague if they happen to be on vacation or get sick? In the fashion industry, you’d better bring multiple assets to the table and any blogger knows that skills plus flexibility is key to blogging as a business.

#3 Stay eager.

Invest in yourself… Do everything you can to make yourself more; that can be through self-learning (even if it’s totally unrelatable like photography or programming), reading books, and stepping up to take on more tasks than your job necessitates. Never stop the education aspect. This constant learning is what will allow you to adapt and evolve…whenever your company moves in one direction, you’re already there. Being eager also means you’re proactive and you don’t complain (all the time). Don’t go to your boss with constant problems or if there is a problem, always go prepared to offer up solution(s).

The flame dies fast in anything you do, but it’s your job to keep the fire burning.


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