Essential Products for Keeping My Hair Light & Bright

Written by: Susan Hang

My first encounter with Klorane was when I was on the hunt for an effective eye makeup remover without the grease and fuzzy vision (for the record, I am no fan of any bi-phase makeup remover). The one Klorane makes with Soothing Cornflower was startling (sooo good) and since then, I’d been dying to try more products.

Lucky me, I’ve been on the Klorane Chamomile line over the last few weeks.

The one thing that makes the entire brand so freakin’ enticing is that they pride themselves on concocting products with plant extracts and for someone who completely believes in both a holistic and scientific approach (to everything), that was like a match made in heaven.

The Klorane Chamomile products are for blondes (or those with light brown hair) so the fact that I’ve been using them probably sound more than peculiar being that I’m not blonde (or light-haired) at all! But, stop there…these products are just as effective for anyone with color-treated hair! I’ll admit, I was apprehensive when I read that the yellow pigment in chamomile petals will lighten and brighten blonde highlights/hair naturally.

Well, Klorane didn’t fail to deliver again this time.


Shampoo & Conditioner with Chamomile

I still had highlights in my hair from a while back and then box-colored my hair not too long ago so I was fervent giving this a go before my balayage experience. Generally, I’m not a fan of “clear” shampoos – they just don’t feel as effective in my opinion. However, this shampoo was different – it didn’t lather as much as I was used to yet my hair still felt clean and it left a lovely light floral scent. I don’t use conditioner regularly, but this one performed to my expectations (my hair was soft and brushable).

Over the course of two weeks, I wouldn’t say my hair became “lighter”, but it certainly looked brighter, which gives the illusion of a “lighter” look overall. I’m really pleased with both the shampoo & conditioner so far and my balayage highlights are certainly reaping the benefits.

Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile & Honey

I’ve been seriously enjoying this spray… Aside from the delicate scent, which I love, I have to admit it works! We’re in the perfect season too because the sun activates the lightening/brightening properties. Even with daily use, it hasn’t changed the texture of my hair or made it feel drier… Another major bonus is that my hair isn’t turning orange. I can only imagine how great this would be for a natural blonde.

klorane chamomile hairKlorane Chamomile Vinegar Rinse and Lightening Spray

Vinegar Shine Rinse with Chamomile

The shine rinse was my least favorite only because the vinegar odor is quite strong for my liking… It smells pretty sour at first although that diffuses quickly with the whiff of chamomile. I am convinced it will work so I’ll get on a regular schedule eventually. I plan on diluting it first, then dampening my hair without rinsing. I’ll follow up.

If you’re interested in alternatives or feel that these might be out of your price range, John Frieda and L’Oreal make decent options as well; I just happen to prefer Klorane of the bunch.


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