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How to Transition Your Weekend Outfit to Work Wear

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro


Weekends are one of the greatest inventions ever right after the holidays, of course.

Everyone is more relaxed, there’s plenty to do, especially in the summer, and lots of brunches to catch up on. With that, you just want to wear your most comfortable ensemble without looking too lazy. All the time.

And no, track suits are still not quite a thing.

So what do we do when there’s that perpetual lazy-day mood? The kind that says I just got out of bed, tied my hair into a bun, threw on some distressed cutoffs and my favorite vintage tee without actually looking like we did that?

The real question is: how do we transition our fave weekend outfit to work attire?

Just play the old switcheroo. Keep the most work-appropriate pieces and swap in a few sophisticated details… Whether it’s a casual t-shirt you want to amp up, a pair of pants that can be disguised as office-wear, or if you’re too lethargic to take off your pajamas, it’s possible!

What do you think? Some of the outfits might be a little forward because, well, not all offices are as amazing as our Studio. But there’s always so many things you can do and this is a great start…

Do you ever transition your weekend outfits to your week? Let me know in the comments.

PS: some of the items are on sale at Nordstrom and Asos, go grab them before they’re gone!

X Eduarda

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