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How to Style Your Vintage Tees Like Gigi Hadid

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro


We’ve all seen Gigi Hadid and her legs for days right?

Only in her early 20s, Gigi manages to set herself apart from other models through her covetable off duty style. I love analyzing what other people wear and dissecting the slightest patterns consistent in their outfits so when I did this with Gigi, I found that she wears loads of vintages tees on various occasions. So, if you’ve been wondering how to master Gigi’s effortless aesthetic, I’m showing you one of them – three different ways to put your vintage tees to use.

Who doesn’t want to know and master the art?

And you can with just a few simple pieces… The best part, you probably already own most of them, which makes it even better! The trick lies in the way you pair them up and for what occasion…

Imagine you have an important meeting with a not-so-serious client…

You want to look polished but with a nonchalant, edgy detail. Pair your favorite vintage tee with tailored pants. Finish it off with platform oxfords to elongate your legs.

Want to bring the bedroom attire to the streets?

Just wear your pajama blazer with cutoff shorts. Playing with proportions, a statement bag, and comfortable sneakers are key to looking natural.

If you have a date night with your significant other…

or a brunch session with your girls, think casual meets chic with a hint of prep. Turn it up a notch with cropped pants of a discreet color, chic loafers, and a casual leather jacket.

How do you pair your favorite vintage tees?



X Eduarda

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