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Honest Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Like A Complete Failure

Written by: Zanita Studio


You don’t always win… You just don’t…

And unfortunately, it’s easier to bemoan and hold on to your losses and failures than it is to remind yourself of the victories and let them prevail. Maybe there was no loss per se and you’re just feeling less than accomplished because everyone else around you is making strides…

Stop right there. Breathe. Here are some honest things to tell yourself when you feel like a complete failure or if you’re just feeling far from success:

Things will happen as they should.

There’s the “timing’s a b*tch” mentality, but train your mind to believe that good things take time. No one’s perfect…we’ve all had moments where we made poor choices and bad calls, but it’s an intrinsic process of life and as a result, no one’s success journey is ever a straight line. Just because you’re not where you want to be right now in this very instance doesn’t mean it can’t change in another year.

Everything and anything can change. It’s only a matter of time.

when you feel like a complete failureTherefore, don’t get immensely absorbed in your emotions because wonderful things can turn up at the very last minute and that’s something deeply rooted in the fashion industry. Become familiar with ambiguity and get used to uncertainty. Even if it’s 2-3 years from now…no matter what you believe, hard work always pays off.

Everything looks better from the outside.

You look at bloggers with brutal envy… Why can’t that be you? But little do you know how mentally and emotionally debilitating traveling can be, how pretentious the street style shows at fashion week can feel, and how much alone time everyone just craves. Your reality becomes your life and you have no idea how many people are coveting you from the outside.

Blessings in disguise.

Usually, when things don’t turn out the way you want them to, there’s good reason though you won’t recognize them instantaneously. Take a step back and look at life from the top – how many times can you say, “Geez, I’m glad that happened.” Life is funny in that you have to live it in retrospect and that’s also the beauty of it.

You’ve overcome many times before.

Your a freakin champion. A warrior! How many valleys have you survived?! How many battle scars do you have to show for? You’ve done it before and you’ll do it again no matter how constricting it gets. Your past is your proof.

The journey is always better than the destination.

Like a road trip, the greatest part isn’t the arrival at your destination; it’s the all the crazy wild things that happen along the way.

Success looks a lot like that so enjoy the rejections and the fights…the pushing and the shoving because you only get to fully grasp the impact of your victory by trudging across the broken glass floor!

reminder when you feel like a complete failure

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