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Getting Back on Track With Your Goals After They Fall Off Your Radar

Written by: Susan Hang


We’re quickly headed for the middle of July and that means there isn’t much time left in 2016 to knock out all the goals you set at the start of the year.

If you’ve been laggin’ and draggin’, have no shame… I’m right there with you – this is probably one of my worst years ever in terms of killing my personal resolutions, e.g. building a healthier lifestyle through smarter choices and a consistent fitness routine; creating beautiful, meaningful content for my personal blog in union with my professional work; and expelling the toxic forces in my life while being more accessible to the people and things that matter! If you’ve also been cemented in life’s hurdles, here’s what you can do about getting back on track with your goals and resolutions… (P.S. I just started two weeks ago and it’s working!)

get back on track with your goals

– Write it out!

Specifying is key and therefore, journaling is such a genius idea whenever you’re stuck for anything. Write (in detail) everything you thought you’d accomplish by now, but haven’t… This gives you the chance to figure out where you’ve fallen short and in turn, helps you fill in those gaps. Plus, there’s a puzzling burst of relief and motivation when you write down all the things holding you back.

– Get started NOW.

Don’t overthink anything you’ve written and start taking action. Life’s too short to wait (hello, we’re already in July!) and it’s never too late. Over the last four days, I’ve ran 5 miles, squeezed in two 45-minute workout sessions, worked through some CSS on my personal blog, and edited several of my 300+ backlogged images from April!! I’m making victory laps! Now, it’s your turn

– Remove distractions.

While you’re filling in the gaps that made you fall short, annihilate anything preventing you from making magic happen. Phone calls, text, e-mail, and social media? Those are all things that can wait…excuses, excuses, make no more excuses. Everyone can use more time, but you’re never going to be given more, so what are you gonna do? Simplify! Block out chunks of time to yourself.

– Remind yourself  intently.

The minute you let your goals and dreams escape you, they can easily be lost forever. And since they can be so easy to forget and dismiss through the course of any day, you need to create daily intentional reminders to help you take action. This can be reminders set on your phone, writing in your journal, or having someone physically tell you (my kids have been helping me – no joke)!

Never forget, excellence is a habit, not an act.

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