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5 Decisions You Will Regret 10 Years From Now

Written by: Zanita Studio


No matter what anyone else says, you always have a choice…

And one of the biggest ironies, yet beauty, of life is not knowing what might have been had you made a different choice. It’s often the things you didn’t do that really get to you so if you haven’t put much thought into your actions and decisions, you might want to start. To put this into perspective, we’re listing out 5 decisions you will regret many years from now. But on the bright side, you have time no matter what you may think so learn from this small list, and start taking your chances and doing your best today.

#1 Not starting sooner.

Whether it’s working out, eating healthier, taking care of your skin, saving more money, or pursuing your dreams, you’ll always be damned not starting earlier. Starting anything requires time, courage, and commitment, but if it matters enough to you, take one step forward now. You’ll be happy tomorrow knowing you started today.

decisions you will regret

#2 Not traveling when you had the chance.

Traveling is much more difficult when you’re older, especially once you start a family and have children. That along with job obligations and much bigger financial commitments (a mortgage) means you’re less likely to do it with time. If you have the chance, GO.

#3 Staying in toxic relationships.

The quickest way to lose yourself is allowing someone to control you. When your sanity, values, and character is at stake, the relationship is no longer worth it. Often times, your gut already knows this, you just refuse to listen.

#4 Allowing someone’s opinion to manipulate your goals and dreams.

For reasons unbeknownst, our society is obsessed with criticizing and pushing its own agenda onto others. Why be a prisoner to someone who isn’t even responsible for the choices you make? People will talk about you, and loudly if you fail, but it’s entirely up to you to stay true to your vision, your goals, and your dreams. The pressure is real, but you have to remember, no one is living this life for you, but you.

#5 Giving up too soon.

The results of your decisions won’t always unravel the way you expect them to. But success isn’t about stopping when the obstacles are high… You make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward on one step at a time – that’s the real secret to getting ahead.


You only fail when you quit.

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