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How to Claim Back Independence When You’ve Forgotten Who You Are

Written by: Zanita Studio


Life has its natural rhythm of ups and downs…

But for some of us, prolonged periods of ‘down’ time can take so much of a toll on our mental state that we completely transform into something we didn’t even know existed (and without even realizing it).

Minutes turn into days, days into months, and months into years… It’s kinda scary thinking about the rate life (as in the toxic people, ‘jobs that pay’, and burdens) can erode our character and liveliness in such a short period if we’re not careful what we’re putting in it. That’s why you can’t let your daily routines and bad habits outlive you… If you’re finding yourself in some sort of a melancholic predicament, that’s likely what’s happened.

when you've forgotten who you are

That means it’s time to claim back your independence and here’s how to do it when you’ve forgotten who you are:

– Believe & find a way out.

You were not made to be unhappy and to live in unhappiness. Where you are now isn’t a dead end…you are not stuck! Wake up! Allow yourself to set on a path where you can build a life you’re proud of… It’s out there waiting for you; you just need to believe.

– Stop allowing others to control your emotions.

Making people happy makes you happy, right? WRONG. Most people aren’t thinking about you anyway… They’re thinking about themselves and that means your actions and decisions might bring them provisional joy, but this temporary relief isn’t worth the cost of your own long-term happiness. Sounds like a selfish thing to say, but in the end, you’re the one who has to live with the consequences of your own decisions no matter how it makes any one feel. Keep relying on people and you’ll always be disappointed.

– Disconnect yourself from negative people.

Subconscious influence is the worst. And that can easily be proven by spending an entire day filled with pessimists and then another day with optimists – see how the two radically impact your mood. Now think about that effect on a long-term scale – what would it do to your sanity? It’s rhetorical… Instead, fill your circle with people who inspire you and believe in you.

– Do things you actually enjoy.

You must be proactive in making time for yourself and immersing in the activities you enjoy doing. Look within yourself to determine what that is if you have no idea and if you still don’t know, try everything! Go explore – meet new people, eat at new restaurants, paint, write, and read… You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Now, go find yourself!

Image Source Credits – Her New Tribe

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