The 3 Most Important Lessons for Women in Business

Written by: Brittany Grace

If you’ve learned anything from my posts here on Zanita Studio, I hope it’s taking control of your life, doing what you love, and realizing how powerful you can be. It should come as no surprise that success can come at a higher cost as a female than our male peers. That’s why it’s so important to learn the lessons for women in business that those before us have fostered so we can make a better future for generations to come.

In order to do any of that, we have to stop apologizing all the time (you know what I’m talking about) and crediting our accomplishments to things outside ourselves.

One of the positives about being a businesswoman in a man’s world is when one of us kills it, it doesn’t go unnoticed in the media since it’s such a rarity. Because of the overwhelming amount of men in leadership roles, it’s normal for them to do groundbreaking stuff that when a woman does it, the world stops and takes notice…like what Sophia Amoruso, Sheryl Sandberg, and Arianna Huffington are doing.

It’s not that we aren’t skilled, qualified, or smart enough, it’s that we limit ourselves to either a successful career or successful home. Why can’t we have both?

It’s a harsh reality, but it’s going to stay that way unless we do something about it and learn the key lessons for women in business. I’m going to guess that the majority of you have male bosses, which is fine, but why aren’t more women stepping up to the plate, I know you’re out there…

Stand up, come forward, and embrace it, sister, because everything you’ve done thus far is because of YOU. Of course, there were helping hands along the way but now it’s your turn to lend a hand. It’s time to be recognized for all that you are and start paving the way for other girls because

you are amazing.

lessons for women in businessGive yourself the credit you deserve

For starters, you can give yourself a pat on the back for your hustle, (if you’re reading this, you hustle!).

Next, take credit for how far you’ve come in your personal and professional life. This part is tricky since we doubt every major decision we make and subconsciously think we couldn’t possibly accomplish anything worthwhile. We end up crediting our hard work and success to “luck”, “a group effort” or “being at the right place at the right time”.

Let me tell you a little secret… there’s no such thing as luck.

You’re not lucky, you’re worthy.

Your actions are what have brought you to where you are now, so own it!

Speak up

No one can deliver your thoughts, ideas, and opinions better than you. And no one can tell anyone else how you feel either. If you’re a sitting duck, especially in business, you will be fed to the sharks.

If you’re not where you want to be, speak up so you can get there. How is your boss, a client, or coworker supposed to know you want to contribute unless you say something?!

Speaking up shows you’re confident and assertive, both of which will take you far professionally. If you have value to add, add it! Your opinion matters and sometimes, all it takes is a woman’s touch to make a good idea great.

Play with the big kids

Regardless of where you stand on the political front, it’s pretty incredible that we have a female running for President. Hillary was bold enough to make moves to play with the big kids and guess what? Now she is one. She’s in the game now while the rest of us sit on the sidelines.

If we’re going to learn one lesson from all female leaders, it’s to take risks and play with the big kids. Who knows, the big kids might not even be as big as we thought…

You have every right to be on that field just like the rest of them. Don’t let anyone intimidate you or stop you from going after your dreams even in a male dominated industry. We need more women as leaders in business and there’s no reason you can’t be next.

What are your biggest challenges as a woman in the working world and how do you overcome them? Tell us in the comments! 

xx Britt

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