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Top Foodstagrammers You Need To Follow!

Written by: Ben Orkin


A few weeks ago I was named one of InStyle Online’s Favourite Foodstagrammers!

I was so proud and extremely honoured to be recognized and appointed by such a large, well known magazine. This inspired me to cull together my own ‘Top Foodstagrammers‘ post. You might notice that my picks have pretty similar styles to me. I look at these Instagrammers as my inspiration, but most of the time just to see what other people with similar interests are doing with their time…

Here are my 5 Favourite Foodstagrammers:


 Nina Olsson of @nourishatelier

Nina’s photos are super beautiful and most of all, relatable. When I say this, I mean she styles her food in a way that doesn’t seem like she spent hours labouring over a plate. When you flip through her gallery, you get a sense of effortless, vegetarian beauty. She is definitely my greatest inspiration and also happens to be one of my Insta-friends.


Miss Renee Kemps of @renneekemps

Miss Renee Kemps is just something else. She has such a particular minimalistic style that never gets boring. I could stare at her photos for hours, sulking in every simple and effortless detail. She won the coveted Best Food Photography award at last year’s Saveur Blog Awards. I wish she WAS my Insta-friend!


Aran Goyoaga of @canellevanille

This woman’s work is just too immaculate for words. She is definitely a trendsetter within the Foodstagram community and is always coming up with something completely unique and beautiful. Her photos are light, simple, and super approachable.


Anne au Chocolat of @anneauchocolat

Each and every single one of Anne’s photos is breathtaking – so delicious, crisp, and clean. She has a sweet tooth and does a great job showing off her delectable sweet treats. She’s really good at playing with different textures from glossy glazed donuts to crispy waffles. P.S. She once liked one of my photos!!


Karin Mordechai of @sundaysuppers

Karin is minimalism at its best. Here, you’ll see the most natural, but hypnotizing photos of all kinds of trendy foods. She owns a studio, based in Brooklyn, NYC (the dream), where she hosts gatherings for people to learn about local ingredients, food styling, or anything topical in the food community. She has such a good eye and each of her shots create such storms in the community.

Happy instagramming!
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