Written by: Zanita Whittington

things to do in tokyo - away luggageOh my sweet Tokyo!

So many things to do in Tokyo! I hope it never gets past me, the kind of richness that travel brings to my life. It’s such a valuable education to see the way that other cultures and societies live their lives and it broadens your understanding of people and our place in the world. Plus it’s just a ton of fun!

In case you missed the spam on my Instagram – my visit to this incredible city was part of my exciting new role as Ambassador for Away, a Vogue-approved, direct to consumer, high-end luggage brand. What that means is, you can buy directly from the brand and pay a fraction of the cost because there’s no mark-up. Quality for less and I’m for it 1000 percent because my last suitcase, I paid almost a thousand dollars for. That’s insane, but I NEED good quality when it comes to cases because I abuse them so much on my travel schedule.

I remember once arriving to Italy in a suitcase that looked like a failed explosive had gone off inside of it. Shady to say the least – and I knew from that day that quality luggage needed to be one of my career essentials. There’s also one or two videos of me online jumping on my case in an attempt to fit all my clothes inside.

So Away + me = a match made in heaven, and these images here are part of the new campaign, featuring yours truly and filmmaker Sean Frank. Hope you love them as much as I do – super proud to be a part of this.

If you wanna see all the hype AWAY is about, check it HERE – and don’t miss my Japan Video Diary below.

Photography by Grant Funnell

Brought to you by AWAY


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