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The Best 7 Fashion Kickstarters You Still Have Time to Back

Written by: Bri Lee

I love scrolling through crowd-funding sites.

It’s so exciting to see all the new ideas people come up with and the thousands of dollars people are willing to put forward and support them. It kind of reminds me of what vintage shopping used to feel like – that there was something beautiful waiting for you to find it. Pledging to a Kickstarter campaign can also be a really good investment, especially the fashion and design ones.

Most of the time your “pledge” will actually buy you a prototype of what they’re designing for a fraction of the normal market price.

Good news for you! I just scrolled through all the fashion kickstarters, and here is the cream of the crop. Make sure you get in quick though, some of these campaigns only have a week left!!

#1 The coolest new one-pieces (that are also ethically made)

$69 gets you one of these amazing swimsuits, but when the campaign first started, they had an early bird price of $49! Like you need another reason to stay up-to-date with Kickstarters… These swimsuits sound amazing and I think they look hella fresh, plus they ship worldwide.

fashion kickstarters you should back

#2 Sandals that you can change the look of all the time

I’m normally not a huge fan of this sandal style, but I am when I can choose whatever wacky colours and textures I want on them every single day! I think the idea is for travellers to be able to take one pair of sandals with them and change them up, but I prefer the idea of wearing two different coloured shoes. An added bonus is that this campaign has already met it’s goal – so you can get the good deal by pledging now but there’s no risk involved!

#3 An enamel pin of a pug/mermaid

I don’t need to go into a lot of detail about this one. It’s only $15 with shipping, and the tail will be glittery.

#4 A spray (from the Gods) that prevents heel blisters

Their campaign says: “After 3 years of research and development, help us bring to market an innovative, invisible spray that can end shoe blisters & irritation once and for all.” Here’s the thing about this campaign: If you believe the product works, it’s a bargain and a lifesaver. If you think they’re fooling us, you’ll waste $18 on a small bottle. But don’t just trust me, trust the other 550 people who’ve already placed orders and doubled the goal amount. Yep. It may really be the answer to our pained prayers.

#5 Really cool sunnies cords from Paris

Those crazy French kids have done it again! These sunglasses cords are so so cool and I’m ordering mine now while they’re cheap, and before some superstar wears them and the secret gets out. They also just met their goal, like, today! Congratulations!

#6 Underwear for your time of the month (so clever)

This campaign may not be as immediately “appealing” as the others, but they have raised ten times their goal and still have over two weeks left. The briefs come in spots, stripes, and chevron patterns. They are super easy to clean and apparently super comfortable based on the testimonials. I’m sold.

#7 Clever handbags that look sleek but have legitimately useful features

In my long and wearied years trawling crowdfunding sites, I’ve come across a lot of campaigns that try to sell this idea. I have also personally struggled with the ugly-backpack-before-work look because there’s no point going home between the gym and office. These bags seem pretty close to perfect though. There are two cup holders, the lining looks nice but is also waterproof, and hello! space to put your shoes. I’m full-time freelance now, but if I was still punching the clock at the office I’d be all over these bags.

So what are you waiting for!? GO GO GO! 

Help all these people’s entrepreneurial dreams come true, get that warm feeling like you’ve done a good thing, and then have a good laugh at your new pug mermaid pin. 🙂

– Bri
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