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Pairing Stripes Like Leandra Medine

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro


To be honest, this post was a real nail biter… I was so excited with the idea of creating three different looks by mixing patterns, but when the time came. Argh!

It was hump day and my mind just wasn’t ready for it. I needed to find inspiration so I rifled through my infinite Pinventory, looking for the ultimate and greatest source of creativity. To no surprise, when it comes to pairing stripes and patterns, I found the always amazing Leandra Medine. She has the coolest style that comes from knowing how to elevate basics – like a stripe shirt or pair of shorts.

The wonderful thing about basics is that they go with everything

You can never go wrong with a stripe something, but the hard part comes from going beyond the basic pairing. I’m here today to tell you about the essentials of pattern mixing, which can either be fabulous or a total disaster.

There are no set rules, e.g. Leandra, and we can maybe even break a few fashion faux pas, if there are any… But the point of mixing prints is to have fun while expressing our amazing personalities (and doesn’t Leandra always look so happy?).

Check out my selection of three outfits perfect for pairing stripes!





Definitely let us know if we should be bold and spice it up, or stick to the classics and let them do the talking.



X Eduarda

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