How to Blow Up As A Fashion Blogger

Written by: Brittany Grace

Even though this post is called “How to Blow Up As A Fashion Blogger” it could be titled, “How to Blow Up in the Digital World” or “How to Get Famous”, because all of these tips can be applied to anyone branding themselves, plain and simple. Anyway…

Do you ever wonder how Zanita did it? How Insta-stars were born? Or how comedians from Vine are now hitting the big screen?

It is so ridiculously easy to do what you love and get noticed today… You just need to do instead of talk about what you’re going to do… just do it!

(Side note: Since I did decide to target fashion bloggers, these examples will be specific to that, but if you have questions about your niche, comment below.)

blow up as a fashion bloggerProduce high quality, valuable content

I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now, stressing the importance of value! Of course in a noisy industry like fashion blogging, you could be producing the highest quality content and still no one is paying attention. If that’s the case, you keep pumping it out.

Consistency mixed with quality is what will allow you to beat the competition. Some bloggers I follow on Instagram will post once a week or even once a month. At that point, I forget I’m even following them and with Instagram’s new terms, I may never see a post from them again.

I will agree and disagree that it’s hard to bring value to an oversaturated market – every idea you have is taken. There are eclectic bloggers, girly bloggers, minimal bloggers, tomboy bloggers, shoe bloggers – you name it and it’s been done. It’s your job to take all the content coming from other fashion bloggers and make it unique by solving a problem or by doing the opposite of everyone else.

Collaborate with other bloggers

No one is ever FULLY “self-made”, even the best fashion bloggers have had support along the way. Zanita’s mentioned having a girl gang to grow with and she’s right!

Meet-ups, blog post exchanges, #followfriday, and co-teaching eCourses are ideas that can benefit all bloggers involved. When you focus on collaborating instead of competing, you’ll rise to the top much faster. Long-term relationships with other bloggers allow you to tap into their different audiences and gain readers that may not have known you existed. Think about it…how did we find out about Aimee Song’s sister Dani?

Be the first on a new platform

Zanita, Something Navy, Song of Style, and Fashion Toast, were a few of the early adopters who started their blogs in the 2008-2010 era before the majority of the world even knew what a blog was. Because of their unofficial OG-ness, they dominated the blog world and continue to do so.

The same is true for Vine stars, Instagrammers, and coming soon: Music.ly celebs. When you’re the first one on a new platform and you add value and quality content, you will win. It’s that simple.

What is the #1 thing holding you back from blowing up as a fashion blogger? Tell us about it so we can help!


xx Britt

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