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Extra Extra: Sarah Jessica Parker is back on TV with a new show!

Written by: Bri Lee

She has returned! Sarah Jessica Parker has not forsaken us!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s called Divorce. (A dramedy – Tick!)
  • HBO is making it. (SATC dream team – Tick!)
  • It’s going to premier this fall. (We don’t have to wait too long – Tick!)
  • It’s being directed by the same guy who directs Girls. (Duh – Tick!)

The trailer opens with SJP’s character, Frances, telling her husband she wants a divorce – and the poor guy seems genuinely surprised. Then she gives him the finger. A bunch of funny things happen, they see a relationship counselor who gives an impressive eye-roll, and then the husband and wife both give each other the finger a bunch more. That’s as much as we get to see of Divorce, but honestly, it’s enough.


When he asks her when their marriage started going off the rails, she says: “Well, perhaps when you grew the moustache”.

This is SJP’s first new TV work in over a decade and everybody is, of course, dissecting the trailer for comparisons to Sex and The City. Then other people on the Internet are saying: “Boo! Just because it’s SJP and HBO doesn’t mean it’s SATC!” But is that necessarily a bad thing? Carrie Bradshaw was the first ever (commercially successful) anti-heroine.

sarah jessica parker divorceWe loved her and hated her because all of us – yes all of us – saw parts of ourselves in her. Carrie’s flaws made her universal.

It’s hard to separate the actor from the character when they were in such a huge role that meant so much to so many of us.

And that’s why Divorce is gonna be so good. The women who followed Carrie up the steps into her brownstone apartment are now 12 years older, like Frances in Divorce. The SATC movies touched on the troubles that a couple can run into after the Disney finish (i.e. the marriage part that all Disney films conveniently call “the end”) but here’s what I’m hoping for:

I want that special thing that Sarah Jessica Parker brought to Carrie. I want the slightly neurotic rants. I want her to make mistakes and beg for forgiveness. (Ugh, Aidan.) When I first started watching SATC, I’d never lived in a big city and I’d never had a “real” boyfriend and I certainly didn’t live in my own apartment. But there was something in the way Carrie moved, something in the way she tried not to be shamed for her emotions, that spoke to me.

I’ve never been married (or divorced) but the magical combination of SJP and HBO makes me wanna watch this new show so bad. Even if there are far less beautiful sartorial distractions.

– Bri
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