Written by: Zanita Whittington

Hailing all the way back to ‘Swarovski in Paris’…

Hello it’s me again. I really haven’t intended on being cagey about what I’m up to or avoiding you all – I just feel like life is rushing past me at a staggering pace! I left high school and began my modelling career, started my blog as a hobby, and it’s grown from there. I never trained for this and it’s not really in my personality to be strategic and organised, so as the pace increases, I often feel like I’m treading water and not knowing which way to swim. So while sometimes it might look easy, it rarely ever is and that goes for anyone successful out there that we might admire. Right now I’m going through a learning process, learning how to deal with and manage a growing business and team, create my experience as I go along. It’s wonderful to improve my skills, but at times, I’m inefficient. So I just want to let you all know, I’m striving to get better and to put more of ‘me’ into Zanita Studio – and also in social media.

So often, I look at the other influencers on Snap, Insta, and beyond – they are able to give so much! I don’t know how they do it. Perhaps once you reach a certain level as a blogger, you split in two – or maybe you get a star, like in Mario World, and you can do everything at double pace with no negative repercussions (unless you fall down a hole).

Anyway, I’m dragging on – the point is, here I am posting an editorial for Swarovski I photographed in Paris during Fashion Week back in February. It was a tough and rewarding shoot that required a lot of prep work (I shot and styled 24 looks in one day), and maybe a few stressful tears. The result is something I’m incredibly proud of and excited to share with you – finally. Special thanks to Swarovski for allowing me yet again to create a vision. Very grateful for their support and fabulous pieces.

All jewellery,  Swarovski

Styling – Look 1 – Jacket by Arwa Al Banawi, dress by Rebecca Valance – Look 2 – Leather jacket by Ganni, top by Zara, pants by House of NomadLook 3 – Velvet top by Zara, dress by Rebecca ValanceLook 4 – Jacket and dress by House of Nomad.

Photography, Creative Direction and Styling – Zanita Whittington

Production  – Gustav Carlson

Photo and Digital Assistant – Susan Hang

Model, Pong at Elite Paris

Hair and Make-Up, Thomas Lorenz


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