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50 Freshest Pieces Under $100

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

Can you tell we are excited for summer and all its sales here at the Studio? We are always on the lookout for the next best deal and, let me tell you, finding 50 pieces under $100 is no picnic.

It’s amazing what you can find from your favorite brands during summer sales without strangling your wallet. We can always have an extra pair of espadrilles or a cute floral dress for peak wedding season.

The secret to winning during summer sales is looking for items you don’t already own, but can last throughout time. Though some trendy pieces come in handy and it might hard to resist, you’re not going to be wearing all of them forever. Pick wisely.

I’m a very practical person so my wardrobe has to fit my lifestyle – comfortable, accessible, and loose pieces are a definite go-to.

But I can also be girly, hence the floral dresses and pink lace pieces. It’s important to find a balance that adapts to your personal style and interests, but it’s perfectly normal to strive for versatility and have a million versions of yourself.

Lastly, you should know what’s already in your closet so mull over what might be missing… Don’t just go on a rant and buy things just because… Combine, mix, improvise and, as always, have fun!

Because budgeting can be impossible, we are doing the culling for you.



X Eduarda

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