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What Does It Mean? White After Memorial Day

Written by: Zanita Whittington

It’s time to address some big questions…

“What’s this whole ‘You can only wear white after Memorial Day’ malarkey mean – and do we even care?”

Frankly, I’m quite sure the answer comes from some obscure American fash-history reference in the 1940s, but no, not really.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t used the reference to spend the last two hours seeking out my favourite white fashion pieces in avoidance of working on some editing that I’ll likely have to do later on the plane… though don’t feel sorry for me, I’m flying to Tokyo! Stay tuned for some super kawaii instaspam.

Either way I’m pretty excited about the warmer weather – it’s better to suited for wearing the lightest of hues, though technically speaking, is white even a colour? Looking forward to feeling fresh and putting coffee stains all over the season’s bright white and fabulous pieces!!


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Have a great Memorial weekend all of you! -Z


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