How to Use YouTube to Build a Brand

Written by: Brittany Grace


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In my last post, we talked about building your brand with Instagram and now it’s time for YouTube… Its followers are unlike anything I’ve ever seen – they will love you forever and increase by the thousands in a short amount of time if your content and branding is just right. Many of these “Instastars” we see today started on YouTube because they knew how to utilize their personalities to build a brand and garner a following.

Using YouTube to Build a Brand & Cult-Following

YouTube subscribers are the best if you understand how to communicate with them.

Its language is simple: deliver high-quality and super valuable content in 5-10 minutes.

Outfit-77bThere are exceptions for lengthy videos if you’re Gary VeeMarie Forleo, or someone of similar stature because of their credibility. They’ve developed an audience that cares enough to listen to everything they have to say. But if you’re just starting out and testing the waters, keep your videos short and sweet. That gives you more opportunity to experiment without wasting time.

The reason I say short is because with apps like Snapchat, our attention spans have become shorter and shorter. That means you want to deliver your message loud and clear in 5 minutes or less – be clever, be entertaining. Once you start to gain momentum, you’ll know when it’s appropriate to incorporate longer videos.

YouTube is like the video form of Instagram.

People go there to be inspired, educated, or entertained.

If you want to build that cult-like following, stick to doing one of the three. For example, Jenna Marbles entertains us every Wednesday, Marie Forleo inspires us with every “Q&A Tuesday”, and Gary Vee educates us everyday on “The Daily Vee”.

Capturing Your Target Audience

The beauty of YouTube is there’s so much room to be creative. Everyone has a unique perspective and when you bring that to the table, you can really succeed if your angle is different and alluring enough. In order to capture your target audience on YouTube, you need a strategy. There are two ways to document/film that I find most effective: “raw” and “cookie-cutter”.

The cookie-cutter content is carefully curated and aesthetically pleasing (meaning it’s pretty). This is a method often used by beauty bloggers, DIYers, and celebrities.

Then there’s raw footage that budget bloggers like myself and travel bloggers often lean towards. Raw documenting can also take on a highly creative yet personal and approachable tone like what Alexa Chung did with British Vogue. When it’s raw, you feel like you get a sense of who the person really is; hence the reason why Snapchat is so successful. (Watch this space to get the low down on Snapchat next week!)

The video below is a prime example of Zanita using her down-to-earth and frivolous personality to show us how she gets ready in NYC. The video is cleverly cut with a good mix of upbeat music and musings – it’s proof that a video can be like a document, to the point, and catchy with the right attitude.

What has been your experience with YouTube? Do you document in “cookie-cutter” or “raw” form? Tell us in the comments below!


xx Britt

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