How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand

Written by: Brittany Grace

WARNING: This is a 3-part series so get ready to take notes…

Initially this post was called, “How to Use Instagram, YouTube, & Snapchat to Build a Brand”, but then it got way too long so I decided to make it a 3-part series. Stay tuned in the coming weeks.

One of the most important things to understand about social media is that the followers from each platform digest content in a different way.

Social media is not a one-size-fits-all type deal.

Each platform speaks to its own audience in a very specific way and what works for Instagram may not work for Snapchat or YouTube and vice versa.

Once you learn how to use Instagram to build your brand, you can start to implement a similar technique for any social media platform as long as you understand the language and user behaviors.

Why Only Instagram, Snapchat, & YouTube?

For one, I’m most familiar with these 3 platforms and study them pretty intricately so it only makes sense to speak from experience. Secondly, amidst my studies, I’ve found these social platforms to be the most relevant right now. (If you disagree, share in the comments. I’m always interested to hear other opinions!)

use instagram to build your brand

Use Instagram to Build Your Brand

Even though Instagram is first on the list, it’s not necessarily the most important; however, it’s still a great tool to build a brand.

When someone lands on your Instagram, the first thing their eyes are drawn to is your bio to see what you’re all about. Your bio should include your name, a one to three word brief of what you do, your e-mail, and most importantly, your blog URL. Bonus info: include other social media platforms you’re trying to push like YouTube or Snapchat.

Next, visitors look at your feed as a whole to see if your pictures are aesthetically pleasing enough for a follow. If you really want to use Instagram to build a brand, start curating beautiful photos that send a message of what your style is about. If you’re into a girly aesthetic, you may want to focus on pastels and pink in your pictures. Or if you’re minimal like me, you may want to focus on warm tones like grey, black, and white.

From a blogger and business standpoint, Instagram’s sole purpose is to deliver beautiful, carefully curated photos. There’s a reason bloggers like Zanita have 300K+ followers. Her pictures are outstanding and she gets Instagram’s language.

Eluxe-1No one cares about your car selfies with your mom or your sweaty gym “sesh” (unless you’re like Karlie Kloss or an expert like Mon) – no offense, but that content doesn’t really perform well on Instagram. People also don’t want to read a novel of a caption either unless you have a strong, interesting angle.

The important thing is you want your pictures to do most of the talking because Instagram is for visual browsers.

But for those that are interested in reading…

You should be equipped with an action caption. Captions like “Sunday funday!” with a bunch of emojis are so unoriginal, (don’t worry, I’m guilty of saying it too). Instead, caption your picture with highlights from your blog post for the day, an inspirational lesson you learned, a comical anecdote, a recipe, or a style tip. Tell a good story. These captions will catch your followers’ attention and keep them coming back for more.

You can get more Insta tips from Zanita HERE!

Do you know Instagram’s language and do you use it to build your brand? Tell us your story in the comments below! 

xx Britt

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