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Enough is Enough – How to Start Eating Healthy and Exercising Now

Written by: Monica Bestek

Once you’ve decided that you want to be healthy and eat better and exercise regularly, that’s great! But a decision is useless unless you take action. If you’re struggling to execute your fitness goals, we have just the things to get you eating healthy and exercising now!

I’m definitely one who goes through phases of being super strict with my diet and then, I’ll add a glass of wine, some chocolate, or an almond croissant (while still eating healthily). I am also really passionate about exercising daily whether that’s on a big or small scale. If I don’t get some exercise in everyday, I’ll turn into a dragon lady. You probably think I’m some kind of crazy person at this point, but here are 5 tips to get you to where I’m at:

Work Towards Something

Setting goals are key to getting sh*t done! Pick a date or a special event and use this timeframe to keep you motivated. A goal can be as simple as running 1 mile nonstop, getting washboard abs for your next tropical escape, becoming for a healthier you!

start eating healthy and exercising

Buy new clothes

Something that motivates me (and I’m sure most you would agree) is buying new sports gear. It creates a purpose and reason to want to wear the clothes, but it’s also a great way to look good at the gym. There’s an inexplicable outburst of energy after slipping into a sports bra, tights, and sneakers that makes you want to get sweaty. After all, you’ve been working so hard for that body, right?!

Start on a Monday

I see Mondays as a mental reset button so it’s my preferred day for challenges and new goals. Something about the beginning of a week feels just so fresh! Try it yourself – let me know if you’ve got a case of Mondays! But you don’t have to wait, start now!

Don’t Think, Just Do

If it’s important to you and you want it that badly, just do it. The more you sit there and ponder if you really feel like “going to the gym” or if you’d rather eat that artery-clogging dinner versus avocado and quinoa, the more likely you are to skip out on the healthy choices! I’d rather not think about it at all and just make healthy choices all the time. Remember, 21 days is a habit though I think this could be mastered in less. Don’t give in to failure!

Envision the Future

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is always hard in the beginning and you’ll feel like you just can’t commit. Remember, it’s that critical moment that determines your future – will stall or become better? Accept the crappy feeling and imagine your healthy future-self strong and free. In no time, you’ll realize how much better you feel once it’s done. That vision of success should overcome the shitty feelings. 

Everything always seems impossible until it’s done! Do it now!

Get Motivated


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