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5 Reasons Why Your College Degree Doesn’t Matter

Written by: Zanita Studio

If college degrees guaranteed jobs, everyone would be employed, but these days, knowledge and skills trump degrees!

While this isn’t the case if you want to be a doctor, engineer, accountant, or something of that nature, it’s also NEVER too late to jump ships if that’s where you ended up, but can’t stand it. Remember, it’s more important to build a career you’re proud of than getting a college degree that doesn’t matter – no need to flex your smart muscles… Here’s why:

#1 You probably don’t know what you want to do anyway.

Who’s making all the right life decisions at 22 years old? If you know, then bravo – get to it, and if you don’t know, don’t worry about it. Focus on learning and touching as many things as you can and in another 5 years, you might find that you want to do something else.

#2 Your soft skills are equally as important as your educational background.

Soft skills are those that allow you to work well with others – that means thinking, communicating, and reacting well under all situations. What good does it do employers if you’re smart as hell, but unteachable and unadaptable?

your college degree doesn't matter#3 Experience trumps education (most often).

The best way to get into the career of your dreams is to focus on the skills and experience necessary. This is all accessible today through online courses, short training programs, interning and/or freelancing, or starting a side hustle. Don’t forget, skills lead to experience.

#4 Never underestimate your network.

People more often than not will be your guiding path to a career you’re proud of. If no one knows who you are, no one knows how talented you are and that just about applies to everything in life.

#5 Education doesn’t stop after college.

If you think going to college is a one-stop shop, you’re in for a surprise! Knowledge should be a life-long pursuit otherwise you’d be the same stagnant person forever *yawns*. Strive to constantly learn something be it a hobby or something as simple as writing a check… As a matter of fact, you’re constantly schooled by life itself, pay attention to the lessons!

We’ve got a few model examples right here at The Studio:

  • Zanita: Model/fashion blogger to Creative Director and Fashion Photographer
  • Gustav: Business & IT degree to CEO
  • Susan: International Business & Japanese degree to Editor
  • Brittany: Education degree to Social Media Marketer and Freelance Writer
  • Bri: Law degree to Freelance Writer
  • Nicole: Journalism/Comms degree to Graphic Designer

In a generation of the self-made, it’s clear you have much control over how your future unfolds. Your college degree doesn’t matter – it doesn’t define you and you’re never confined to its boundaries. Ready for what’s next?

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