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Can Successful Bloggers Create Successful Bloggers?

Written by: Bri Lee

This is how most normal trades work, right?

There’s a mentor-mentee relationshop. A teacher and a pupil. A Jedi Master and a young Padawan…but does the same thing work for bloggers? If the most important thing about a blog is its individuality and voice, can you learn from others?

If you’re reading this post, then my guess is that you’ve already heard about H&M’s team-up with Man Repeller to offer five bloggers mentoring sessions with Leandra Medine. Bloglovin’ is on board and continuing its new award at the annual Bloglovin’ Awards during New York Fashion Week: Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year.

It’s a big deal. For the past couple of years, people have been talking (and panicking) about the blogosphere being “oversaturated” and that other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are the new frontiers for fashion media. Traffic to home pages is low and YouTubers are the new power players. Zanita wrote a fantastic post last week that myth-busts a lot of the hyperbolic banter being thrown around at the moment, but the basic premise is correct:

Fashion blogging is big now, and in a big pond, how do you grow to be one of the big fish?

I happen to think blogging is just like most things in life – that the smartest people learn from the successes (and mistakes) of others. So yes, successful bloggers can create successful bloggers! Getting yourself amongst people who know way more than you do always forces you to grow. Ask a ton of questions. Heck, even just be a fly on the wall in the right room! These basics have been true in my first waitressing jobs, in my past career as a lawyer, and now I learn this lesson as a writer, from other writers, every single day of my life.

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Zanita Studio has so much fantastic advice for bloggers. Zanita herself is obviously the mastermind that makes this site go KA-BLAM, but blogging is also about running your own small business. It’s about being entrepreneurial and knowing how to be your own boss. It’s about being fit (both mentally and physically), and knowing how to document your life in a professional yet personal way. All you need to bring is your own message, and the rest is a toolkit you can learn.

I happen to think the success of Zanita Studio is because you know that these lessons can be taught, and that you’re reaching out to educate yourself. That you want to listen to this community and be a part of the way it’s growing and changing.

Someone once told me that in the fashion industry they “eat their own young”. That established players *cough cough, traditional media* just churn and burn free interns, and that people higher up will try to crush any threatening new talent. I think that fashion bloggers are a part of the fashion world but they don’t buy into such a narrow view of the industry. The more blogging grows, the more people look to blogs for content, and that fuels demand, which in turn gives more bloggers an audience and money for their work. Just because the landscape is shifting and moving forward doesn’t mean this basic, democratic premise has changed.

Big, successful blogs like Man Repeller and Zanita Studio are virtual communities.

We write for our readers, knowing that you have aspirations and struggles like we do, and that as we grow and improve, you do as well, and that we’re all moving through this exhilarating shifting media landscape together. There’s never been a more exciting time to be in media, and you can learn the ropes before you make them your own.

I’m definitely biased, but that’s probably just because I know how awesome this team is, and I’ve seen how generous they are with their time and expertise. If you wanna be a top blogger you’re in the right place. I’m stoked to called Zanita my Jedi Master (even though she probably thinks that’s weird).

And now, we have an EVEN BIGGER surprise, giving you the opportunity to learn from your favorite influencers from around the world: Azalle. We’ve been working on this for so long and it’s now at the tip of your fingers! Watch this space!

– Bri
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