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6 Branding Tips We Learned From Today’s Most Influential Digital Stars

Written by: Zanita Studio


If you’re at all active in the digital space, you’ve got a personal brand whether or not you intended on it.

How that brand is viewed in the eyes of others is defined and led entirely by you. The power digital influencers have today is rather impressive – so much that they’re racking up quite the haters, but as Zanita enlightened us here, the influencer economy isn’t going anywhere. In fact, even despite the inundated pool of cognoscente, we’d bet that now’s the best time to build your social presence because only the best can rise to the top with a much wiser audience (and brands). Wondering just how to do that? We’ve culled the branding tips you need from some of today’s most successful Insta-stars!

#1 Jules Sariñana of Sincerely Jules

Everyone knows that Jules is the epitome of easy, breezy west-coast cool, which is becoming quite the cliche on Instagram. Though we yawn at these tropes, we’ll never get tired of her in particular because she was one of the first and few adopters who nailed the aesthetic, building an empire out of it with her burgeoning business, Shop Sincerely Jules. Key Takeaway: You need to adopt a unique identity early on and be consistent with it – every single aspect of Jules’ outfit, daily details, and text shared exudes nothing but easy, breezy cool and that’s exactly how it became engraved in her name.

#2 Chris Lin & Brock Williams of Yummertime

The new and hip can certainly rise to the top as Chris & Brock have validated… We learn here that positive vibes always win! They channel that with their pastel wall signature, direct sunlit pictures, and tongue-in-cheek props (pizza! who doesn’t love pizza?!). They’re never too serious and that mood is conceded throughout the Yummertime brand. Key Takeaway: Define your brand with a signature pose, prop, or color and carry that string throughout your digital presence. That’s how you stay recognizable.

iskra branding tips#3 Iskra Lawrence of @iamiskra

An impressive, almost 2m followers on Instagram, Iskra is surely doing something right. She’s special because she doesn’t embody the ideal Insta-babe – no thigh gap, no bikini bridge, but she embraces her body beautifully and confidently. What’s not to love about a confident woman?! Body shaming comments like elephant ankles, as she mentioned, doesn’t bother her the slightest and she encourages everyone to feel sexy in their own skin. Key Takeaway: You don’t need to fit society’s mold of beauty. Don’t be afraid to show the world the real you! People will love you for that and that itself should be your personal brand! 

#4 Irene Kim of @ireneisgood

Being a model might sound like the easy way into social, but that’s not always the case especially when you’re not a big-time model to begin with. Irene attracted a large social following with her adventurous spirit, namely her unicorn hair – the look that made Irene ‘Irene’ today. The funny thing is no one wanted Irene to dye her hair and she didn’t ask for permission although she knew her agency would disapprove. And look what it did… Key Takeaway: Don’t be afraid of the naysayers. Don’t be afraid to be different. If you feel strongly about a certain look that may not be widely accepted now, just go for it and ride the waves.

#5 Negin Mirsalehi of Negin Mirsalehi

The Dutch blogger rose to fame within a year of starting her Instagram and blog through one simple tactic: posting consistently and staying active in the Insta-community (following others hoping they’d follow back). The tactic worked, but only because Negin had already nailed her personal brand: a sunny and fashionable life (though a pretty face and lush locks don’t hurt). Key Takeaway: Experiment early and often, then see how viewers react. Engage and interact with the community by following people you admire and then following their followers. That’s how you gain traction. 

patricia bright branding tips

#6 Patricia Bright of Patricia Bright

Patricia is a new mom who isn’t afraid to speak out on the pressing, and often times difficult, issues of young women today. She uses fashion and beauty to rebut those insecurities and proudly wears her heart on her sleeve. In Patricia’s light, there isn’t a pretentious sense of oversharing, which is appreciated when she’s so candid and grateful. Key Takeaway: Care about the community you’re building, take an interest in them, and express gratitude often! Patricia genuinely shows she cares about the overall being of her followers. People appreciate when you’re kind enough to give back. 

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