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The Secret to Achieving Work Life Balance

Written by: Zanita Studio


Work life balance has unquestionably become an obsession over the years!

So many #girlbosses and roles to fulfill. There’s just so much Internet to do. How can we not obsess with more balance between personal life, devoted quality time with our families, and our careers… We’re sure you know the feeling of being pulled in all directions, but never having enough time to finish anything all too well. The only solution seems to be sleep less, work more and work harder. The quandary that lies in this notion is that you start to suck at just about everything because you become too far stretched and too exhausted to put quality work into anything…

In reality, the secret to achieving work life balance is accepting imbalance.

work life balance
You will never be wholly in balance – remember, there’s nothing in life that is perfect. So in the process of pursuing balance, pick one thing you want to do well, then invest and center your energy around the efforts to do it. This might mean pulling yourself towards your family for a certain amount of time to give them the TLC they need and in that process, you allow your business, fitness goals, et al to suffer a little. But you take mental note of it and you accept it. Then after some time, you shift your energy back into your business (or yourself and your personal goals), knowing it’s your family life that may suffer a little this go-around.

Escape the belief that you can have everything and be successful in all things at once.

After you learn to let that go, you’ll find more peace within yourself. You’ll allow yourself to push harder in one part of your life at a time, and then redirect that force when you feel it’s necessary. Just because you start to lack in one range doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It means you’ve accepted imbalance as a means to balance.

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