The Best Fat Blasting Workout: Sprints

Written by: Monica Bestek

It might be cooling down in Australia, but it’s warming up everywhere else (lucky you :P). I’m a huge fan of Autumn – the smell of the air on a crisp afternoon – it makes me feel so alive.

There’s nothing better than taking a workout outside on a cool afternoon. You get a good ol’ dose of Vitamin D, super fresh air against your face, and beads of perspiration rolling down your back.

I thought I would share a workout with you that’s a bit different from what I usually do: SPRINTS. Grab some friends and head down to the oval for a fat-blasting workout. It requires no equipment, it’s fun (though energy draining), and you can turn it into mini-competitions or games, which will push you harder to improve.

sprint workout
Do you remember athletic carnivals at school? Well, the 100m race was my favourite – all lined up, nerves tingling in your tummy, ready to run as fast as you can, and jumpy because you’ve got no clue when the gun will set off. Then, BOOM and off you go!

The sprints below were inspired by that and is designed to get you puffed. You bet you’ll be sore over the next few days – that’s guaranteed! (It really worked my core.)

fat blasting workout with sprintsHow It Works:

We took a soccer ball down and played 3 on 3 to warm up. You can warm up however you’d like.

Next, run (fast) using the following rhythm:

100m at 50% effort – then slowly jog back to the starting line – Repeat x3

100m at 85% effort – then jog back to the start line -Repeat x3

100m at 100% effort then jog back to the start line – Repeat x6

80m at 100% effort – then jog back to the start line – Repeat x4 

*% effort is the percentage of your maximum speed, so 50% is a fast jog.

The benefits of running really fast are that it provides significant leg definition over time and seriously blasts calories like nothing else. So get out and RUN for your life! Let me know how it turned out by commenting below! 🙂


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