The Secret to Success in Any Industry

Written by: Brittany Grace

Have you ever heard the saying, “Secrets secrets are no fun, secrets are for everyone!”? Well that’s my motto, which is why I’m going to share the utmost piece of information you will receive today.

The more I browse the internet, the more of the same articles I’m seeing titled “6 Ways to Be More Productive at Work” or “How to Be Your Own Boss” and to be honest, I’m getting pretty bored. I mean, how many times can you reinvent the wheel?

Now, don’t get me wrong I love a good “How to”… in fact I write a ton of them!

With that said, everyone is doing the same thing to try and stand out as a fashion blogger. You catch wind of one content trend and boom it’s everywhere you turn. You should be on top of trends and take note of what successful bloggers are doing, but that doesn’t mean their method will necessarily work for you so why not try something different?

The secret to success in any industry is one that may surprise you and it’s called the zig zag theory.

secret to success in any fieldThe zig zag theory is a marketing technique that no one talks about for fear of it becoming the next copycat trend. When everyone is zigging, that’s your time to zag.

So whether you’re a teacher, blogger, or engineer, you can zag your way to success. Here are some examples of zaggers: Apple, Moschino, Eminem, Man Repeller, The Bagel Store, and Baddie Winkle. Zaggers bust through the stereotypes of their markets and create their own niche.

There is no fast track to success, everything of decent quality takes time. But there is a secret to success and it’s to do something that no one in your field is doing.

Is everyone posting pictures #fromwhereistand? Post pictures #fromwhereilay. Is everyone blogging about blogging? Blog about how to not blog about blogging and still be successful. Is everyone wearing a certain designer? Wear no designer.

Zag your way to the top.

What’s your secret to success in any field? Share your secrets in the comments below.

xx Britt

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