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Introducing: The Stylish Camila Carril

Written by: Zanita Studio

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There’s been much discussion over the last few months about what’s becoming of Zanita Studio. And one thing is for sure – we’ve been hustling hard over the last year to evolve something that was once a traditional fashion blog into a new kind of creative space. We’re all about staying fresh and keeping you inspired so we’re putting forward kick ass personalities alongside Zanita to provide you with the cool content you need to stay empowered and excited as you endure your journey to success.

We couldn’t be happier to introduce Camila Carril, London-based Fashion Blogger!

Camila’s got insanely, jaw-dropping swag so if you haven’t come across her blog, you may as well count yourself as missing out. With looks published in big name magazines like Marie Claire and Vogue, there’s no doubt she’s got an eye for style and major styling tricks in her fashion arsenal. Luckily, she’ll now be sharing them with the Zanita Studio readers on a weekly basis! Camila’s originally from Brazil, but left her motherland at just 17 to take on the hustle and bustle of London – learn more about her journey below:

1. How did you make the jump all the way to London at such a young age?

I came to London to finish my studies. I wanted a new experience and to be able to go back with a heavy bag of exciting new things and a fluent language. Fact is, I never went back…

2. What’s your favorite thing about London and what do you miss most about Brazil?

I find London a free city where people can express themselves without much judgment – it fascinates me! What I miss most about Brazil? My family, the weather, and the easy going way of living.

3. List your top 5 absolute wardrobe essentials.

Perfect fitting denim, Sweater, Chelsea boots, My Fendi Sunglasses, & Disco bag from Gucci.

4. Any style icons/favorite designers? Why?

Olivia Palermo, Mira Duma, and Centenera. They rock!

5. Favorite life lesson you’ve learned.

Never get involved in anyone else’s life and mind your own business to avoid headaches!

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