How to Get More Snapchat Followers

Written by: Brittany Grace

how to get more snapchat followers

Snapchat has officially been dubbed the “it” app of 2016 and how to get more Snapchat followers is a hot topic. But why?

It gives you a real-time sneak peak into people’s lives that would otherwise be inaccessible and because stories are time sensitive, Snapchat creates a sense of urgency in our subconscious. God forbid you miss your 24-hour window to see Coachella!

Everyone wants to feel important and everyone wants to be seen and heard and the best way to extend your reach is through Snapchat! So if you want to get more Snapchat followers the trick is getting people to care…

Snap valuable content.

I follow 20 people on Snapchat but I only watch about 4 people’s stories because those people add value to my life. They offer business tips, life advice, and how-to tutorials. When you Snap valuable content, your followers aren’t wasting 5 minutes of their day looking at pointless Snaps of what you’re eating or watching your feet walk.

Offer people something that inspires, educates, or entertains them!

get more snapchat followersPromote, promote, promote.

I saw one blogger post her Snapchat username as her name on Instagram, which helped her get more Snapchat followers. Genius. This way it’s the first thing people see when they search you. You should also promote your Snapchat in the caption of your Instagram and Facebook photos.

Proceed with caution: You don’t want to keep saying, “hey follow me, follow me, follow me”. You want to give people a reason WHY by saying something like “I just posted the best smoothie recipe on my Snapchat” or “Add me on Snapchat to get behind-the-scenes action at Coachella”. This offers incentive and adds value to people’s lives.

Host Snapchat takeovers.

Snapchat takeovers are a #winwin for both people. The person hosting gets to offers his/her Snapchat followers something special by having a guest, and the person doing the takeover gains new followers from using someone else’s platform. Pretty cool concept, right?

Happy Snapping.

What is your Snapchat name? Comment below and let’s be friends! 

xx Britt

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