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Here’s A Fresh Way to Wear Florals For Spring

Written by: Zanita Studio

how to wear florals for spring
megan park floral dressflower dress and silver heels

A few weeks back, we insinuated a floral dress redux and now Zanita puts it into full action – transparent evidence that flowers aren’t for the prissy, nail-painting obsessed, and mirror gazers nor is it for the grandmothers and royalty. They’re for the free spirits, the androgynous feminists with offbeat styling tricks and shoes to kill.

Now that’s a fresh way to think about florals for Spring – what was once too-sugary chic has taken a turn for the badass!!

The mastery in the look starts with the blossoms themselves. We’re quite into ones that spawn across a billowy figuration, falling below the knee, but doesn’t quite graze the ground – a midi situation.

Megan Park just gets it and gives us the outlook we’ve been looking for!

She totally nailed the entire vibe with her bohemian-esque dresses that boast modern like no other brand. She takes a mainstream garment like an adorable shift dress and transforms it into something unforeseen – adorning carefully thought out sections in eccentric green and pink woozy florals… There’s absolutely nothing that speaks “Yes, my lord…” This is what we’re talking about – flowers worn right…toss on a surprising bomber jacket (check), mirrored heels or heel-forbidden (check), turtleneck layers (check). Badass – DONE.

zanita outfitzanita florals for spring
Special thanks to Megan Park for supporting this post!

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