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A Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift That Won’t Disappoint

Written by: Ben Orkin

diy mother's day gift

Unlike most teenagers, I get on pretty well with my parents. I’ve never really been embarrassed by them. This is simply because they are who they are: amazing! But this is supposed to be about mothers so before I get carried away, let me tell you what I made…


You know how there are all these festivals and sometimes you forget about the fact that it’s Mother’s Day until the night before or even worse, the day of. For me, it’s hard to get away with this because I’m still living with my parents. Anyway, no one tell my mom, but I’ve often forgotten about it nor had it on my to-do list. I just kept it safely in my head, but never got around to it. So I came up with a foolproof idea for anyone who might share my same problem – a fun DIY Mother’s Day Gift!

Everyone has old vegetables lying around in their kitchen. Here’s what you can do with them:

Find some with good texture, pattern, or shape – I chose sweet corn, broccoli, and green beans. I also used potatoes, but let’s save that for later. Then, brush paint over them and press them onto card stock like a stamp. I used normal watercolour paint and applied the paint quite thickly over the vegetables. Carry on brushing and pressing until you’re happy with the design you’ve created. For the potatoes, cut it in half and then carve a design into one of the halves. Brush paint over the design and press onto card paper.

Wait for the designs to dry. Then, cut the cards into fun shapes. I cut out words and shoes into the paper so that there was a negative shape, which you could see through. Then decorate it, write your message, and give it to your mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. I love what you do!

a fun diy mother's day gift

Happy creating!
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