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Breaking News: I Wore An All Black Classic Look and It Felt Good

Written by: Zanita Whittington

classic black look in karen millen
Mmm – so monochrome…

Look who’s gone and classed herself up?

And let’s not pretend there isn’t a few of you out there that have been waiting a long time for this. ‘Hey Zanita, maybe it’s time you dressed like a real functioning adult with a job, rather than someone who could be on some kind of a perpetual holiday?’

classic black lookWell here I am dressed like the real lady boss I am – and though it irks me to say, it does feel powerful. I read an article recently stating that people who do the black classic look are smarter than those who don’t, and while I’d like to flip the bird at whichever author wrote that drivel, I can’t deny that this outfit makes me look like I’ve got all my ducks in a row. It’s a total look from my friends at Karen Millen – and the fourth time I’ve had the chance to represent the brand on

I haven’t mentioned here on the blog, but I did turn 30 a couple weeks ago. This site has been with me for most of my adult life and I’ve documented my style evolution over its course. While I still hope my aesthetic is as fun as it’s ever been, I certainly feel like my sense of style is growing up. Upon excitedly opening this package from Karen Millen, I even uttered the phrase, “Ooh, nothing like a good pair of slacks!” * with a broad Australian accent.

Picked that up from my Nan, bless her.

In all seriousness though, these high waisted black trousers satisfy my holy trinity of ‘chic – versatile – comfortable’ more than anything else I own and I’m frankly thrilled to add them to my collection. Pairs perfectly with a white tee and sneaks (who is this minimalist!?) or a bold printed shirt. I also feel like a million dollars in the coat. POWER.

Now where’s my next meeting? I’m feeling ready to kill it.

shirtcoattrousersboots – all KAREN MILLEN rainforest of the sea water foundation

Special thanks to Karen Millen Australia for supporting this post!

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