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A New Charlie’s Angels Movie is Coming

Written by: Bri Lee

It’s only been 15 years since the combined powers of Cameron, Lucy, and Drew convinced me that maybe – just maybe – I could actually run in heels. Especially if there was a screaming creepy thin man behind you. I mean, in front of you! Because the Angels always did the chasing. And the butt-kicking. And the wigs. Seriously, so many wigs in those films.

Also – I still believe motocross-chic is a thing. Nobody can ever take that away from me.

Anyways, just like none of us can remember any of the original Charlie’s Angels names aside from Farah Fawcett (I think it’s because her hair defies gravity), I just wanted to take stock of what Charlie’s Angels taught me all those years ago. (And, let’s be honest, what they continue to teach me every two or three years when I re-watch both films back-to-back.)

charlie's angels movieWhat Cameron taught me:

Halterneck tops. Off-the-shoulder tops. Boob-tube tops. I feel like the early 2000s was the time of “tops”. Cameron was a shining beacon of sexy for the less-endowed ladies amongst us. I know the two films came out at the height of the heroin-chic-waif-look, but Cameron was better than that – she was turbo fit. If you want a #fitnessgoal, it’s Diaz in that white bikini. Oh wait, don’t get me started on Demi Moore in the black one. Wow. Remember that scene at the end of Full Throttle when Demi is in lingerie and the big fur coat and the mules? That was H.O.T.

What Lucy taught me:

Get a pair of glossy black batwing frames and a tight leather pencil skirt and the world is yours. Seriously though, never underestimate the sexy librarian angle. I know this is a controversial opinion, but of all the black leather looks in both films on all three ladies, I think Lucy consistently did it best. I don’t know how they were able to move in those outfits let alone do what I’d consider a personal-best high kick, but Lucy was flawless.

Also, never ever forget to: Flip. Your. Goddamn. Hair.

What Drew taught me:

Look, I’m a redhead too, so this one’s always gonna be personal. Seeing Drew up on the big screen with a few more curves than her gal pals rocking t-shirts of bands I actually listened to and bootleg jeans – well, it just made me feel like I could do me and also be very very sexy. I mean, damn! Lady! The things you do to me with that bold, matte burgundy lip. Wow wow wow. I will forever be indebted to you showing me that I could look good in a bold lip if I just stepped away from the fuchsia.

Drew got to have fun with all the bad boys then she kicked their butts and ran off into the sunset with her besties. She is an approach to both life and style that I can get behind.

Life lessons also include: Don’t dismiss the large lady in pink florals because she’ll turn out to be Melissa McCarthy who is one of the most successful and awesome and hilarious women in comedy – actually in all of Hollywood. And never forget, the Chad is great.

– Bri
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